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I love subtly variegated yarns, when knitted up they tend to have a heathery effect.
However, winter woollens, knitted or woven, often develop little balls of fluff.
The Spanish made socks from knitted silk and embroidered them with clock emblems.
My grandma knitted me a quilt for a wedding present and we had had it for 15 years and it was on the back of the couch.
They showed a keen interest and curiosity in the ways that our national quilt was knitted.
Wearing a white, knitted mask, he moved with an impish, cartoonlike quality.
Out of an estimated total of nine jumpers I've laboriously knitted for myself in my thirty-two years of life, only one was actually wearable.
Sams wears organic linen shirts and jumpers Fairley has knitted for him from organic wool.
Terri was very skinny, and invariably wore huge, brightly coloured and loosely knitted jumpers which hung on her like camouflage netting.
The cat-o-nine-tails with its knitted thongs of whipcord was pickled in brine to stiffen it when there was an imminent flogging.
There will also be a variety of home crafts including knitted items and afghans, toys, books, paper goods and household items.
The heel is a double knitted fabric, which I think helps the sock to stay up since it pulls the fabric in at the ankles.
In the blistering heat, and in true family tradition, I was dressed in corduroys and a heavy knitted sweater.
Over that, she had a blue sweater that her grandmother had knitted for her.
In the evenings, my mother read to us, and we knitted socks and sweaters for my dad in the army, and listened to the radio.
My granny knitted that scarf for me when I went to high school and it meant a lot to me.
When we were kids, my Aunt Joan knitted Christmas stockings for everybody in the family.
Today she was wearing one of her muddy brown, knitted sweaters, flared bellbottoms, and those fancy Birkenstock sandals.
As if to affirm this truth, she rapidly knitted five more rows in one minute flat.
The first thing we knitted was a kettle holder by casting on 20 stitches and knitting each row plain until it became a square.
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Examples from Classical Literature
Both were dressed in what looked like workmen's overalls made of Lucite chain-mail, or knitted glow-worms.
The poor children have to swelter in knitted socks, knitted hoods, and knitted sweaters, just because they come from America.
Another indication of this trend was that stockinet, a knitted material, was gaining in popularity at the end of the century.
The old gray ape knitted on, not looking toward Ervic now, and the young skeezer stolidly kept his seat.
Her dress of some creamy white stuff, perfectly cut, and over it she had slipped a knitted coat of yellowy silk.
The material most proper for them is floss wool, and they should be knitted with steel pins.
Cut goods are made of round webbing knitted on what is called a circular knitting machine.
Because you are a Hercules, and I a titmouse, don't think I am overawed by your knitted eyebrows.
They all carried small knitted woollen jockeys on their backs with names such as Lester Hogget and Edna Ewe.
Thorpe hesitated, and knitted his brows in the effort to remember names.
Amagical, life-sized knitted garden has bedded itself nicely into the Shipley Art Gallery in Gateshead.
When the cold weather came on she knitted him wristlets, which he always religiously wore from the house and pocketed immediately thereafter.
The man's shoulders were big and broad, but his legs were neat and active in knee-breeches and knitted stockings.
They talked most of the night about new knitted lace patterns and their beaus and were very sleepy in school next day.
Strange, by what slender threads our lives are knitted to each other!
Shimerda, wearing his rabbit-skin cap and collar, and new mittens his wife had knitted.
He looked from under his knitted brows at the newspaper man.
Hetty knitted her brows, and looked at him in her turn, scrutinizingly.
He knitted his brows and tried to think how he could help his friend.
In Barton we knitted while we talked, and at the lyceum lectures.
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