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Use stakes to mark the areas so you can keep track of where you've planted and where you have yet to plant.
But officials admit they cannot keep track of how much is exported, as few are willing to pay export taxes or declare their income.
It is simply much easier for someone else to keep track of time, and the delays, and have a hooter signal the end of the game.
Although some composers still assign opus numbers to keep track of their output, it is no longer customary.
Generally, you shouldn't have more securities in your portfolio than you can keep track of effectively.
Encourage them to keep track of their feelings regarding their pending cosmetic surgery.
Kirk and Tom use a little tote board to keep track of which numbered trawl lines have been hauled and which remain to be done.
I helped keep track of Zoe last month, I let them know when she flew the coop, and they don't even let me know anything about her!
Until the Soviet era began in the 1920s, Abkhazians did not celebrate their birthdays or keep track of their chronological age.
Use food labels to keep track of the grams of fat, protein and carbohydrates in each food.
To keep track of them all, Crewdson offers an all too necessary list of dramatis personae at the end of the book.
The days are just moving so fast and slow at the same time, it's difficult to keep track.
The oldest daybook I have dates back to 1963 when I used it to keep track of the money I made caddying at a local golf club.
How doddery old pensioners manage to keep track of that darn game, I'll never know.
That information's easy to gather for websites who keep track of their visitors.
Ivan tried to keep track of the hours, minutes and seconds, but she lost it somewhere.
The family should keep track of how many times the child voids during the day and how many nights the child wets the bed.
This means that to keep track of the whereabouts of your teenager, it is enough to buy him or her a cell phone.
He said using the new billing system, councils would be able to keep track of their collectable revenues.
Their job is to keep track of aircraft while they are en route or during the high-altitude cruise phase of their flights.
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That's pretty hard to keep track of, because I was like a yo-yo, back and forth from one parent to the other.
So excuse the errors of a sourdough, keep track of me I want to talk to you later.
We stayed in the house to keep track of the inmates, while the squarehead led one of them off to find a kokua.
Specialized publications also keep track of the profitability of the media.
The school will keep track of the pair's progress with a map posted on a cafeteria wall.
By radio did you keep track of how fast the motorcade was going?
Why not just clamp onto him, and keep track of him that way?
The training forces dancers to keep track of these rhythmic phrases, as opposed to keeping track of the downbeat.
His company is just one of the many firms using software license management systems to keep track of what's being used in-house.
Glance at your schedule by day, month, or year and keep track of recurring meetings or appointments.
In its directive on February 19 2009, the Ministry also recommended that educational institutions keep track of students who visit mosques.
It has video messaging built in and can keep track of the family schedule.
It is a common practice among bankers and shopkeepers in the country to scribble on the face of currency notes to keep track of number of notes in a stack.
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