How to use keep to the in a sentence

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Sentence Examples
Clean the cut rebate with the wood chisel and glasspaper, making sure to keep to the depth indicated by the scored lines.
I decided it must have been my imagination, and that it was just as well to keep to the task at hand.
I wouldn't stop taking vitamin E, but I would keep to the correct dosage range, which is under 400 international units a day.
She tried very hard to keep to the spirit of the Buddha's teachings and maintain purity of intention.
The street hustlers and prostitutes were nervous about the police, but took the view that you had to keep to the rules.
But keep to the model of The Doctor using his mind to outwit his opponents.
In intermediate I was top of the school for woodwork and metalwork but I failed cooking because I refused to keep to the recipes.
A sign by the path warned all joggers and walkers to keep to the well lit areas.
Use a handle or nickname if you must but keep to the same one, it gets silly otherwise.
To help you to keep to the point of your letter, you can draw up an outline to plan your letter.
Drivers and railway staff work under intense stress to keep to the tight timetables.
However, work is being halted following failure to keep to the deadlines for completing construction.
Cross the bridge and keep to the tarmac path from here which leads back to the car park.
Special hi-tech cats' eyes have been set into the road to help drivers keep to the carriageway.
Ignore tracks to the left and right but keep to the main access road which bears right and climbs gradually to the lane crossroads.
As with most Commonwealth countries, vehicles on the road and people walking on the streets keep to the left.
Warning signs urge visitors walking to the island to keep to the marked path, check tide times and weather carefully and to seek local advice if in doubt.
James tried again to gain William's support but William responded by advising James to keep to the law and not try to extend his prerogative powers.
The barons were trying to force John to keep to the charter, but clause 61 was so heavily weighted against the King that this version of the charter could not survive.
Examples from Classical Literature
I have no subterfuges, no arts, no intentions, but to keep to the letter of them.
Henceforth I'll keep to the strictly neutral 'it' when I mention a microtome.
The New York-Boston steamers would keep to the Inside Passage in this gale.
He said it was safer to keep to the ship during the month we had still to spend at porto velho.
One must keep to the question of literature, not of irrelevancies.
Tom scored his accounts, and resolved to keep to the very letter of his reform, and never to put that will in jeopardy again.
At the division of routes we keep to the right beside woodland and pass New Sheepfold Farm on our left.
But, to keep to the simile, has this epical poem the unity of ocean?
In this little paper let us keep to the text of nil nisi bonum.
We must not, therefore, at all costs keep to the received legends, which are the usual subjects of Tragedy.
He told us to avoid the makai side and keep to the mouka side.
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