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That helps anyway, because the loud music prevents you from making conversation unless you keep moving your chair forward.
He says infantry that didn't keep moving and attacking would be accused of cowardice or dereliction of duty.
But feeling the crusted dirt and blood on his neck and hair, he shuddered, and decided to keep moving.
The excuse we have been given is that most fine defaulters have no fixed abode, keep moving addresses, and cannot be found.
And when your enthusiasm for walking wanes, try these six tricks to keep moving on the fitness path.
Looking up at the water fall she had just tumbled down she decided to keep moving.
Minimizing grazing impact is not difficult, Antonio Manzanares says, since sheep are natural browsers and like to keep moving.
Like the Chileans, Egyptians are patient, but it is an active patience, one that will keep moving toward a better future.
You make the big decision to finish and then they keep moving the dates to make sure they get every last cobble of coal.
The defensive player must use good footwork and keep moving to avoid being pinned for a layup.
We don't want to keep moving around all the time, but we have no choice and we are sick of being treated like animals.
The vacuum proceeds almost at random across the floor, only knowing to rotate and keep moving when it hits an object.
Whatever sport or business you are in, it's important to keep moving with the times.
Commit several minutes to reflecting on how to keep moving toward achieving personal happiness.
Also, an actor in an amphitheatre is effectively surrounded on all sides by spectators and may choose to keep moving so that everyone has a chance to see him.
Relationships have to keep moving forward or they stagnate and die.
The Berliners keep moving, inexorably on their way, and the center of the city has no museum to provide an alternative for exhausted fighters for peace.
There is another celebrated instance in the telegraph plant, Desmodium gyrens of Bengal, whose leaflets keep moving all the time without any touch.
These are people working with hoses and shorthandled shovels and picks, and then they excavate all of that burning material and they just keep moving around the perimeter.
She paused at one point due to the pain, and handler Red Eldridge nudged her to keep moving.
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In slack water you will have to keep moving your set as the water rises and falls.
If this is not possible, exercise, keep moving, until there is opportunity for a rubdown and change.
They move in order to eat in order that they may keep moving.
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