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Sentence Examples
If so, you only need to install the casing on the opposite side after the jamb is plumbed, squared, and secured in the opening.
These ships leave a small gap between the old jamb and the new strip, which can be puttied and painted to match.
Locate the marking tool on the door or jamb, and strike it sharply with a hammer a couple times.
In that case, use a block plane to plane the jamb flush with the interior wall surface.
Feeling luxuriously languid in your silk negligee, you lounge against the bedroom door, caressing the door jamb like it's a small fluffy puppy.
The doorway is supported, on the right-hand side only, by a masoned jamb or toweright.
Imagine getting a door slab, an unassembled door jamb, hinges and door hardware and having to do all the mortising, drilling, rabbeting on site.
He sees Strang, a compact man with deep-set eyes and a broad forehead, scratching his thick brown beard and leaning against a door jamb.
The doorframe must be as square as possible, so that the door seals tightly to the jamb and swings properly.
Exiting his bathroom, he saw his brother lounging against the door jamb of his room in full evening dress.
Drill a hole and chisel a shallow mortise in that jamb for the strike plate.
Once the door is nailed into the opening on the inside, it's time to shim the door jamb.
Once you get the jamb aligned put shims between the jamb and stud opening, being careful not to bow the jamb into the opening.
Measure along the sides and the top of the door jamb and cut the spring metal to the correct length with tinsnips.
The front entrance to the Daily Planet was untraversable, the great bronze doors jammed beyond any hope of opening by the collapse of the stone jamb overhead.
If the hole is stripped and the screw won't tighten, remove the screw and drill a deeper pilot hole for a new 3-in. screw that will extend into the framing behind the jamb.
If the door still does not seal tightly to all sides of the jamb you either installed the weatherstripping badly or the door is bent and in need of replacement.
Hut 3 has a surviving porchway, with the two jamb stones still upright, although the lintel has fallen.
He collapsed, red-faced from the effort, against the door jamb.
Examples from Classical Literature
Against the jamb of the window, behind them all, Willie Carr stood leaning.
Elsa ran to the door and stood motionless by the jamb, waiting, ethereally white in the moonshine.
Its cymatium ought to be one sixth of the jamb, with a projection equivalent to its height.
It is used for making fast a rope so that the strain will not jamb hitches.
Of the arco di Augusto within the town, said to be a triumphal arch of Macrinus, there is nothing left but a single jamb.
With a hollow sound the door fell inward, taking with it the jamb.
It had been so forcibly driven against the jamb that part of the woodwork was splintered.
Takes the ax and pounds with it between the jamb and the lock.
When you have removed the screws in the latch plate, which should be mortised in the jamb, the door is ready for the new lever latch.
Then with the wisp he rubbed all over the jamb of the door, above, below, and at each side, and round the fireplace in the same way.
Fig. 22 is a part of the jamb molding of a church in Vicenza.
But that jamb is merely the back of a small cupboard in the hall.
The shafts are detached, and there is foliage on the jamb between them.
The hub caught on the jamb, and the muzzle gaped on the crowd.
All the rear rows break into a trot and jamb up to the front in turn.
Dorothy was reading in a book this evening when Jellia Jamb, the favorite servant-maid of the palace, came to say that the Shaggy Man wanted to see her.
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