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He jabs a pudgy finger at people in photos, many westerners, stuck into a scrap book.
Lazarus managed to block a blade as swift as a darting snake, disengaged, and went into a series of jabs to ward away his enemy.
Dancing around slightly, he looked for cracks in Red's defence, throwing out small jabs to keep him complacent.
Griff shots with a power punch in which Kidz dodged and somehow countered with five regular jabs to the face.
Crouching down, Lee sends two quick jabs and one uppercut to Kyoske as he tries to fight back.
Ali used his speed to avoid Cooper's hook and he used his jabs to open a severe cut over Cooper's eye.
Nurse Jeanne Woodhouse started vaccinating at 10 am and the jabs were being taken up at a rate of one per minute.
It is very important to check you are up to date with your tetanus jabs if your skin is broken in an injury or you are bitten.
When I'm at work it's a struggle and my body gets jabs of pain now and again.
Alex says, gasping for air, the stab wound in his back sending excruciating jabs of pain through his whole body.
A warm, stinging feeling had begun to spread about her shoulder, and sharp jabs of pain began attacking her knee.
Only when the sharp jabs of pain withdrew did she segue from stretching to a slow, mindless warm up.
He just jabs us in the chest with an accusatory finger and hopes that guilt at our ignorance will keep us quiet.
Use rudders for heading control and only small jabs of the yoke to correct pitch and bank excursions.
Treatment usually consists of antihistamines, decongestants, nasal sprays, eye drops and, occasionally, desensitisation or steroid jabs.
He pulled him off of her and, dodging a few punches, landed a few jabs and then a roundhouse punch.
There is no proof of the safety and effectiveness of single jabs for measles, mumps and rubella, scientists said yesterday.
The script at each stop was a tick-tock of his accomplishments sprinkled with sharp jabs at Republicans.
He was still landing those bruising jabs at the bell in his going away triumph.
They've made snarky jabs about the administration using our soldiers as ' social workers, ' doing all sorts of unmanly, unsoldierly duties.
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Examples from Classical Literature
So a baiter on a horse, rides up and jabs the bull's shoulder with his spear, and another rider jabs him on the other side.
The bearcat came back with a volley of short-arm jabs, rocking the Kid's head.
He jabs at the gravel before him with a cheap cane, and glances sideways at Flo Bates, the young lady from the cash desk.
It was a night of agony by thirst, of nerve-wracking bomb explosions, and of bayonet jabs in the dark.
Walton had his successes with body shots and leaping hooks against a taller opponent, while Hall scored with jabs and uppercuts.
But the does begin sparring like boxers, feinting around each other on their hind legs, feigning punches and then striking one another with quick, sharp hoof jabs.
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