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I grimaced, crossing my fingers and jabbing the starter button for the engine.
It would be a jabbing contest with both fighters almost a mirror of one another.
The way he was jabbing his fork at the pasta sort of showed his frustration with that too.
Mr. Gilmer kept working him, jabbing at him, trying to rile him up or rattle him by suggesting that if he had been innocent he wouldn't have run.
Likewise, contrary to the misapprehensions of fencing historians, thrusts were not delivered in stabbing or jabbing action.
Groaning, I attempted to sit up as I felt the sharp jabbing a of a bed coil that had long lost its spring shove its way into my side.
I prefer still, silent throes of ecstasy to jabbing hands and slow-motion seizures.
Lori's face paled, and she gripped the edge of the table tightly, the corners jabbing into her palms.
Isn't that jabbing masculine jerkiness, that anti-plateau jumpiness, what is so much of a turn-off about Prog?
Aggressively, it thrusts its wings back and its head forward, beak jabbing.
Our generation's pseudo-hip-hop air jabbing and furtive wiggles just didn't hack it.
Leslie smiled and turned back to her sewing, moving what looked like a shirt sleeve along the jabbing threaded needle.
Ketara repeated, picking up her fork and jabbing it into her salad.
He finessed questions about his personal opposition to contraception and found ways to keep jabbing back at Romney.
After jabbing him early on, Rigby let his warrior instincts get the better of him and he ended up slugging it out in a fight which had the Wythenshawe Forum crowd on its feet.
She got up, jabbing Savvy softly on the arm with her elbow, grabbed a bunch of hardcover texts from the professor's desk and started to give one to each person.
He was in fine form, ducking and jabbing on a number of tough questions and even getting laughs on some of his wry responses.
Jabbing at the wood, they remove chips three to six inches tong.
The finale builds grippingly to those jabbing A's, and triumph vividly is beaten into submission in the last bars.
Haye beat Valuev in a reserved display of accuracy and efficiency, countering Valuev's misses, jabbing and circling his much larger opponent.
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Examples from Classical Literature
It will have to be jabbed in, but there are a lot of us ready to do the jabbing.
The boy on Lucretia is jabbing her with the spurs, and she's cutting up.
He shot out his left hand, jabbing at the swarthy face of the Mexican.
His arm felt as though someone were jabbing it with a knife.
D'Ucello was jabbing his hands furiously toward the steward.
He wheeled on his heels, aiming a jabbing forefinger at this man and that.
So he said nothing, jabbing his pen into the blotting paper.
The common method of jabbing or pecking the background is objectionable.
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