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Sentence Examples
Mr Hoebig jabbed at it quickly with his bow, but had to return his attention to his playing.
I stood in front of the mirror and jabbed myself in the eye twice with mascara wand, I was that excited.
All eyes turned to the second item written on the slide, as the studio boss jabbed at it with his cigar.
The guy whacked at our van with his stick and jabbed at Austin's face through the glass as Mike drove us away.
A tall, menacing African stood by the tracks and jabbed at me with his spear each time I passed.
I stepped into the elevator at Nell's and closed my tired eyes as I jabbed at the fourth floor button.
Izaeh charged at Aeros and attempted to knock her off her feet, but Aeros back flipped and jabbed at Izaeh.
She jabbed at the button to turn the alarm off, and it stopped its absurd shrieking.
A hand came out of his pocket as a thumb jabbed at the air over his shoulder towards his house.
Ubdal found herself being jabbed at by rifles, and forced into her friends as the attacks advanced.
She reluctantly jabbed a fork into some beans, carefully avoiding the ragged edges of tin.
He was behind the man in thirty seconds, and while turning around, jabbed the syringe into his buttock.
Riana jabbed her fork at him before impaling another leaf of lettuce with it.
He stepped forward but was forced to back up as Floyd jabbed a stick at him.
Violet jabbed her stick at the cue and sunk the 8 in the middle of another, longer yawn.
Mark jabbed his fork at what he supposed was meant to be some kind of lasagna.
He bellowed, nostrils flaring as he jabbed an accusing finger inches away from my face.
As he talked he jabbed the lit end of his cigar into the air as though he were punctuating his sentences by burning periods in the air.
Griffin looked at his stomach, seeing that his own knife was jabbed into his guts.
I jabbed a thumb in the opposite direction where an identical car was parked.
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Suddenly he gasped, and jabbed one of the many buttons that patterned his desktop.
Cochise, following at his heels, cursed and jabbed his knife into Lennon's leg.
It will have to be jabbed in, but there are a lot of us ready to do the jabbing.
You are to wear your pearl grey, with any amount of honiton lace jabbed into it.
Hoyt jabbed his hands into his pockets, and felt something cold and clammy.
He raised his paper cutter and jabbed at the desk with a massive petulance.
Augustine was so enthusiastic that she jabbed the poker into the stove harder than ever.
He jabbed a button, and a motor purred, rolling out the retractable radar antenna.
Stan jabbed a slab of wood into the stove and slammed the door.
She picked up the can-opener and jabbed it viciously into the tin.
Hurriedly, he jabbed the starter button, pumped the gas pedal.
You jabbed it into the small of the back and waked life that way.
The kinglet hesitated, and then jabbed the fat man with his sceptre.
I gave him one over the outside corner, and he jabbed it to left field.
Not content with this, he broke off a stout branch, and, holding on with one hand and foot, jabbed the infuriated beasts in the sides and whacked them across their noses.
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