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Oxford University scientists have found that the MMR jab does not increase the risk of inflammatory bowel disease, as previously thought.
Set to come into use in September, the jab will protect babies against diphtheria, tetanus, whooping cough, Hib and polio at two months.
Myst caught the fist but was still took the blow from the quick jab that followed.
I tried not to smile as I gave him a quick jab in the stomach, but in the end we were both laughing.
A quick jab with his stone fist sent a flash of pain through Catherine's arm.
They identified 436 hospital admissions in children who had been vaccinated with the MMR jab in the previous three months.
A mobile clinic offering separate vaccinations as an alternative to the controversial MMR jab is to visit York next month.
Mrs Lloyd said her son developed symptoms of the rare Guillain-Barre syndrome eight days after receiving the MMR jab.
Another jab of pain comes from my stomach, reminding me to see why it hurts so much.
The sharp jab of pain she felt when she did so was enough to convince her that it was most certainly not a dream.
She started walking when another jab of pain made her hunch forward on her knees.
I let my hands drop limply into my lap and felt the fridge-cool cork against the back of my ear and then a sudden jab of pain.
There was the ole mas, the jab jab, the stickmen, the small bands going up and down the one-street town.
A balled-up fist reaches out, one finger pointed in an accusatory jab towards you.
With a flick of your right joypad, you can jab, hook or uppercut your way to boxing immortality.
This man, who weighed 240 pounds and could box, had a good jab, a solid chin, and could punch.
Berkeley astrophysicist Joseph Silk got a jab in while reviewing a popular book Thorne had written on general relativity.
Generations will remember the long, anxious waits for the jab to save them from the deadly smallpox virus.
Doctors insist the jab is safe and that a failure to give children the immunisation could lead to an outbreak of mumps, measles and rubella.
Full but not defeated, my Rai-Televideo tablemate gets in a last jab before we hand in our marks.
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And it was to jab harpoons and spears into porpoises and manatee and sawfish, and be dragged about in their boat.
A jab from someone's elbow had decorated Dulcie Vale with a black eye.
He looked at her neck and thought how he would like to jab it with the knife he had for his muffin.
I gave him a good jab in the back with my umbrella when he came near me, and it sobered him up until they got the casket out of the house.
Figures revealed fewer than half of the city's mums-to-be took up the offer of a free flu jab last year.
They say those who qualify for a free jab, or spray for children, should take it up to ensure the most effective cover against flu.
Patients eligible for the jab for free and those who have to pay can get the service at Superdrug pharmacies and nurse clinics.
If it didn't get you with the left jab, it landed on you with the right upper-cut.
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