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Improper induction and therefore invalid argument, cried a geeky voice in Jocelyn's head.
This kind of racialist principle was found to be philosophically invalid and extremely socially damaging 60 years ago.
The Anglo-Catholics fall back on tradition and the theologically invalid notion of the priest representing Christ at the altar.
However, if someone enjoys being leched at these recommendations are invalid.
Her excitement caused him to diagnose an erratic heartbeat, which restricted freedom of movement and made her feel like an invalid.
They let the tyres down on one resident's invalid trike, and turned on the lights to drain the battery.
Having spent much of her life until she was 40 as an invalid, travel miraculously cured her ailments.
The trial judge gave us a declaration that there was never any surrender and that the letters patent were invalid.
As Nariman gradually fades away into the passive state of the bedridden invalid, the novel places Yezad on center stage.
When the ozone generated from these balsamic trees mingles with the balmy gulf breezes, it is no wonder the weary invalid finds relief.
In this review, he poked holes in the methodologies of those studies, but many of the criticisms were invalid.
I be all like, sho, s'cool, but y'all gots to provide yo' handwritten signature, too, or tha act be invalid.
Each time they tried to get the invalid out, a gang of mostly Polish neighbours would fight them off.
The short pastry is good and the sauce emulsified, but filling is bland invalid food and the ham is elusive.
The information is invalid and as such this Court has no jurisdiction to try the issue arising therefrom.
Many invalid trinomials will persist until someone takes the time to quantify them and reassess their validity.
He remembers how he liked her mostly because she was an invalid and quite uncomely.
Lamb karahi was cubes of lean almost muttony meat, tender but not invalid food soft, smothered in a rich red sauce.
He's been detained in Japan since mid-July, when he was nabbed for traveling with an invalid passport.
They were getting returns with up to 25 per cent of the votes invalid in some booths.
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Examples from Classical Literature
She found Janet up and dressed, but playing the invalid up in the snuggery.
The sympathy was largely genuine, as Hartley could attest, but it bored the invalid.
Marmaduke returned to acol Court only to find his mother a broken invalid, and his father dead.
Mrs. starkey, the invalid old lady, was garrulous, and delighted to see them.
Yet now in the retrospect, it seems hardly to have been the retreat for an invalid.
She had sunk into a will-less invalid, and made admiration of her husband into pride and a religion.
Your ballot paper will be invalid if you stamp out more or less than Six white spots.
As an invalid she was taken on board The dark horse and confined to her cabin.
So I bought a cooked chicken and a bottle of Barsac, and mounting to the apartment of the invalid, I made him eat and drink.
Peter took it and gave it a scrunch which had in it nothing of the invalid.
Dr boudin had said the invalid might have gooseberry syrup with seltzer water.
A mistake at this time may eventuate in permanent results which will render the mother an invalid for all the rest of her life.
Of their small force some of the soldiers were superannuated, others invalid.
Flora, in a measure, outgrew her bodily infirmities, but she was always an invalid.
It was opened by a man of forty or thereabout, who seemed to be an invalid.
Like the other amylaceous substances, it forms a valuable and nutritious article of food for the invalid.
He knew that Mrs. Remington had always been more or less of an invalid for many years.
It was like pressing upon a queasy invalid the sweets which had made him sick.
He was an invalid, and it was through him that we first learned of graham flour.
Jason Russell, an invalid and a noncombatant, was barbarously butchered in his own house.
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