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Being the inquisitive, nosy guy that I am, I wanted to know what they would show about the movie before I saw the finished product.
New Zealand First sees this legislation as an all-embracing, controlling, inquisitive framework, developed under the present group of Ministers.
There are, however, often flatfish, cheeky blennies and numerous and inquisitive wrasse.
Lady hesitated for a moment, watching the two in front of her with an inquisitive look before trotting off briskly to catch up.
Their adventurous and inquisitive nature explains their fascination with the ancient beauty and splendor of Egypt.
So he studied anthropology, inquisitive about human societies and their desires and needs.
Groups of these ever-restless and inquisitive birds have even been known to follow milkmen or wait for milk deliveries.
Questions by inquisitive inspectors were answered carefully to avoid revealing new information.
Research requires an inquisitive and independent bent, and rewards these talents handsomely.
For Universal to toss it off like another second-hand series ripe for a digital dollar draw is spiteful, to both fans and the inquisitive alike.
In one chilling incident, a US serviceman threatened to shoot a reporter for being too inquisitive.
By Wednesday, Sheridan was aswarm with inquisitive and sympathetic strangers asking troubling questions.
We camped outside under an enormous Hebridean sky, under the gaze of an inquisitive seal basking in the shallows.
The benefits of an open internet, free from clumsy regulation and inquisitive authorities, have been huge.
Alas, this didn't work, and concern grew as my enquirer's questions became more inquisitive and her manner increasingly flirtatious.
We did cover this to an extent in 2002, so here's the link to satisfy your inquisitive hunger.
Unfamiliar names do put many investors off, but an inquisitive nature can reward those tracking down cheap shares.
She walked over to the window and drew the curtains, shutting out the inquisitive glare of the moon.
He had an intensely inquisitive mind and a great interest in the natural sciences.
He was sprightly, inquisitive, interesting and, in some respects, representative of the other passengers.
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Examples from Classical Literature
He casts many inquisitive glances upon his guide and other Arabs whom they meet to see how they wear the burnoose.
Scarcely is the sun risen when we are plagued by the parasitical and inquisitive mob.
I must not be inquisitive, but Uncle Tom would tell all about it at the proper time.
The journeymen were inquisitive where I had been, what sort of a country it was, and how I lik'd it.
All this has attracted a crowd of inquisitive Siamese and Chinamen, who come to see the farang and admire his curiosities.
He looked at me with his young blue eyes, eyes so bright, so navely inquisitive, so winsomely meditative.
Her Form mates, more inquisitive than Miss Gibbs, gathered round her and began to catechize.
As for the inquisitive folk on the pavement they only saw the backs of the guards.
The State legislatures would become inquisitive, opinionative, and probably factious.
The Mre Bourron, who had the dullish round eye of a pig that gleamed suspiciously when she became inquisitive, had supped well.
I took a sort of hate against her, she was such a slattern and so inquisitive.
Lauzanne was in an inquisitive mood, as the other two raced on in front.
Little Fay stood with her head on one side like an inquisitive sparrow.
One night we put fourteen inquisitive porcupines out of camp.
Then she climbed an acacia, and nestling into its tufted top, she watched the stranger with the inquisitive attention of the forest birds.
Jim frowned from time to time when he caught the inquisitive glance of some stranger.
Edgar Linton, after an inquisitive stare, collected sufficient wit to recognise her.
The turnkey, the same who, on Aramis's first arrival had shown himself so inquisitive and curious, was now not only silent, but impassible.
They will glance at the photogravures of our nearly defunct sailing-ships with a cold, inquisitive and indifferent eye.
I had feared that the yearningly inquisitive Sarah might also be there.
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