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His knowledge of every pipe, gully, drain, outlet and inlet was second to none.
To avoid damage to the water inlet valve or other connections, grasp the elbow with a pipe wrench and apply counterpressure.
We passed the immense coastal inlet where at ebb tide dead rats and rusting machinery are visible.
The exhaust is fed to the casing of the apparatus through the fumy exhaust inlet.
Either the water inlet valve in the back of the frig is allowing water to seep past it even when its turned off.
On the last jibe as we headed into the inlet, we hoisted the cruising chute and felt the boat accelerate.
The laryngeal inlet showed chronic inflammatory changes and the tongue showed focal congestion and mild inflammatory changes.
The first is for the power lead for the pump, the second is the filler hole with the other 2 for the inlet and outlets pipes.
The cold air inlet to the heating system is the key to efficiency and comfort.
The container had a gauze-covered air inlet in one wall and a similar outlet in the opposite wall.
The hardest design problem on the airplane was making the engine air inlet and ejector work properly.
Air was supplied to each inlet via a manifold connected to a 500 mL charcoal filter and continuous duty diaphragm air compressor.
When you push the head piece down, the inlet slides below the seal, opening a passage from the inside of the can to the outside.
When lagoon water is irrigated, the suction inlet should be near the bottom.
The coolant then flows from the inlet to the outlet through many tubes mounted and arranged in a parallel pattern.
The grille is connected to the shroud of the radiator so it also called as the radiator grille or the radiator air inlet.
Born in South Australia in 1857 he grew up in a small wooden cottage on the banks of the American River, an inlet on Kangaroo Island.
Thoreau lists Goose Pond, which is an inlet in the Concord River, and White Pond.
The best day out is a drive south into the desert as far as the Inland Sea, a tidal inlet that forms the border with Saudi Arabia.
In a typical gasoline internal-combustion engine, fuel enters the combustion chamber when an inlet valve opens.
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Examples from Classical Literature
The same night that Maynard came into the inlet a wedding was held on the shore.
Meantime the weather had cleared, and all the vessels but one had gone from the inlet.
There had been a storm, and a good many vessels had run into the inlet for shelter.
We lay in a swampy little inlet, and the forest wall made a dark blur against the star-studded sky.
These give the nine fulcrumed levers the proper motion to open the inlet and exhaust valves at the proper time.
Some very fine bags of large fish have been made in the Squamish River in Butte inlet.
Slowly the vessels coasted along the uninviting shore, looking in vain for any inlet or any river's mouth.
Once more he raised the glass to his eye and gazed toward the inlet of the atoll.
Castries, the old French town, lies at the head of a deep inlet which runs in among the mountains like a fiord.
An inlet or shoaly arm of the sea into which a river or rivers empty, and subject to tidal influence.
A lake or inlet formed by the encroachments of the sea, and the deposits of fluviatile action.
The fresh water stream merges into brackish estuary, estuary into saltier inlet and inlet into briny ocean.
Exhaust valves, seating directly in the cylinder head, are removable through the inlet valve holes.
Deep, unconstricted bedrock channels and basins with weak currents occur in mid-Bay and the west inlet.
The inlet had been reedy, and the water there quiet, and the soil we dug in punky and wet.
The lungs thus become a ready inlet to contagion, miasmata, and other poisonous influences diffused through the air we breathe.
We crossed it transversely in order to strike the inlet of the Mississippi, and encamped on the other side.
Ignition was make-and-break and the inlet valves were mechanically actuated.
All the passages between the Venturi throat and the inlet valve have been carefully finished and polished.
A number of questions crowded to Gregory's mind, as they crossed the jettied inlet and headed down the coast.
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