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After July 10, the process of admission in accordance with merit was initiated in the colleges.
A series of court cases initiated in Ireland sought to have the jurisdictional prerogative of the Irish parliament clearly established.
From whichsoever of these motives it might be, true it is, that many of them came over to our religion, and were initiated into it by baptism.
Prior to the aestivation of the calyx, pairs of stamen primordia are initiated.
There have been no measures initiated nor a road map charted out, to rectify such fiscal imbalances and to restore balance for long term growth.
In his greed for world domination he has initiated the very apocalypse he sought to avoid.
Note that macronuclear karyokinesis and cytokinesis has initiated in rad 51 nulls despite the failure to complete micronuclear mitosis.
This hole is the start of a project initiated to commemorate the millennium for the people of Trowbridge.
Both thrust and normal faults initiated synchronously with Miocene prograde metamorphism and melting, and have moved episodically since then.
Some CGH members voiced their suspicion that the conflict had been initiated by agents provocateurs.
The participants initiated the trials by pressing any of the keys on the computer keyboard.
Moreover, lateral root formation can be initiated by the application of the plant hormone auxin.
The community of men and women who have been initiated into the Sikh faith is the Khalsa.
A Khoisan project has been initiated with input at national, provincial, and local levels to protect Khoisan heritage.
When Prussia defeated France in 1870, it initiated the establishment of a new German Empire, a monarchy over monarchies.
Food manufacturers recalled over 300 types of food products for this reason and initiated a series of genetic tests.
In central Africa they signal the attainment of rank by the community's elders and by initiated members of secret societies.
This in itself is A-OK, but such countries run the risk of being sandbagged by protectionist tariffs initiated by neighbouring nations.
The gastric phase is initiated by the presence of food in the stomach, and the intestinal phase by food in the intestine.
Occasionally the dyes, such as magenta, mauve, the bright blues, or Metternich green, initiated the fashion.
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