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In spite of this, a cottage industry has developed in recent years around educational programming for very young children.
Rawal, who has been actively involved in Gujarati and Hindi theatre since 1973, feels that the film industry has a tendency to typecast actors.
It is about ensuring that industry has a competitive cost base and that price inflation is kept in check.
The industry has been quite creative, indeed even boastful at times, about their solutions to this ever-growing problem.
Although the food industry has been racked by crisis, Scottish ministers still favour intensive farming with chemicals.
That is why the recruitment industry has grown enormously over the past 10 years.
The recording industry has traditionally been skittish about allowing its content to be disseminated by anyone but licensed distributors.
The fact that so many women are unhappy with their bodies is evidence that the strategy of the beauty industry has worked.
In high-profile cases, the tobacco industry has recently paid enormous amounts to recompense individuals damaged by its products.
A whole industry has grown up around recommissioning such systems to restore them to proper order.
The industry has changed out of all recognition and I think the time has come to call it a day.
The California measure was killed in committee, but the industry has had little time to celebrate.
While the rest of the auto industry has aggressively moved to pull systems, the aftermarket business is still in make-to-stock mode.
The tech-services industry has been whipsawed as the red-hot demand of the late 1990s turned into the deep freeze of the past few years.
Since then the printing industry has gone through enormous technological advancements.
Federal oversight of the railroad industry has existed since the passage of the Interstate Commerce Act.
The cable industry has seen a consistent decline in television subscribers in recent years as customers engage in cord cutting.
If, for one minute, fans think that an outcome has been fixed, our industry has nothing to sell the public.
He said he could not support a policy that priced people off planes but added that the aviation industry has to meet its green responsibilities.
The wind power industry has been transformed by dramatic breakthroughs in efficiency, economy, and adaptability.
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Examples from Classical Literature
The permeation of Western industry has, in fact, profoundly modified every phase of Oriental economic life.
Thus, by a simple method of artificial selection, the silkworm industry has been rescued from what threatened to be a collapse.
The industry has been systematized and consolidated by a few captains of industry.
The centre of the industry has been the oak forest of Slavonia.
Yet where there are challenges, there are matching opportunities and the tape industry has never been shy about grasping the brass ring.
One of the main reasons why this industry has thrived over the years here is the availability of sandstones in abundance.
The alpaca industry has grown steadily in North America during the past 30 years, numbering about 230,000 registered animals at present.
The world elastomer industry has now grown for three consecutive years and in four of the last five years.
Although the industry has a lot to cheer about, its anxiety for favourable initiatives has still remained unsatiated.
In recent decades the coal industry has begun to extract this coal by blowing off mountaintops to expose coal seams hundreds of feet below.
The data highlights how far the industry has come in tackling baggage mishandling over the past decade.
Modern industry has converted the little workshop of the patriarchal master into the great factory of the industrial capitalist.
This Pro Haul industry has grown explosively since the advent of the Internet.
The classical music industry has been contemplating how to attract new audiences for some time now.
How odd to find that even this industry has its financial panics, and at times sees its assignats and greenbacks languish to zero, and everything come to a standstill.
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