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Well, many politicians and others use historical allusions, and they almost always are inapt because no two situations are the same.
An article in last Sunday's San Francisco Chronicle makes a particularly inapt comparison.
They don't seem to realize how the use of this inapt example demonstrates their inability to grasp the nature of new and different conflicts.
I think the metaphor is completely inapt and is really an apples-and-oranges sort of thing.
But the comparison to Eisenhower's notorious caginess strikes me as quite inapt.
In fact, I have seen this Act described as a treaty and I do not know whether, in real terms, that is an entirely inapt description.
In such circumstances it is inapt to burden the courts of Jersey with this case in any way.
And it strikes me as a singularly inapt analogy to make, an analogy that ought to make one question its user's underlying thinking about the problem.
That analogy is singularly inapt to this particular situation.
I had been comparing the arcs with rainbows, which now seems inapt.
This inapt degree of welfare has been publicly acknowledged as a triggering factor for the low social status and recognition of teachers in society.
Everybody on TV seemed to like it, but I found it ... not exactly inappropriate, but inapt.
He would notice that talking of natural controls strikes some people as solecistic, but he thought it was they who were using inapt metaphors.
A penguin or a clucking hen logically might satisfy the ascertainable criteria of birdness but remain somehow inapt for excavating focal meanings.
Examples from Classical Literature
The title Alone strikes me, on reflection, as rather an inapt one for this volume.
They have been styled the antlered monarchs of the forests, and this description is not inapt.
The Archimedian lever found a resting-place in his brain, and sundry of his thoughts seem not inapt to upheave the world.
My fellow servants were neither indifferent, dull, nor inapt.
Especially were I and my sister Eliza inapt in this particular.
Its name is a rather indefinite, but not inapt characterization.
Age and obesity had made her inapt for love, but she took a keen interest in the amatory affairs of the young.
While current NRA enthusiasts love to lay claim to the Panthers, the constitutional analogies are inapt.
Andromache offers a not inapt illustration to these remarks.
The colony is as unpromising, as the colonists are inapt to improve it.
The sentences were too long, the metaphors violent and inapt.
How inapt and deadly is the security forces response to any riots.
Inapt title for a family-friendly feature from Soul Surfer's Sean McNamara.
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