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This manifests, in my opinion, a clear-cut case of cultural and ethnocentric chauvinism on the part of the European scholars.
If the comment helps the paper, or even if it is neutral, in my opinion, it is best to comply with the suggestion.
But again, in my opinion it's tabloid-style sensationalism to run stories the reporters or editors don't even know have any validity at all.
Overpriced in my opinion, but at least on the brink of bearability, even with my curmudgeonly grumbling.
That is so self-serving and selfish in my opinion, so that's the last thing I want to do.
He's a talkative guy and obviously enamored with his own film, but in my opinion, that pride is justified.
However, in my opinion, the main responsibility of the media is to tell the truth.
Declan did a good job running the event, though he should have been tougher on the slow players in my opinion.
Shredded bark, as opposed to nuggets or chips, provides the best coverage and, in my opinion, looks the best.
I just saw the third season finale, amazing, the best episode of the entire series, in my opinion.
This in my opinion was no more of a noble battle than any unwarranted slaughter in the history of the mankind.
On the table are sauces and condiments, and the malt vinegar always goes down a treat with chips in my opinion.
The use of that claim at the beginning of Wolf Creek was not, in my opinion, tasteful or appropriate.
My wife is not as good a judge, in my opinion, as she does not take part in sporting activities.
McCarthy is a good manager, in my opinion, much better now that when he took the job six years ago.
The best, in my opinion at least, was the Siberian rubythroat, a ground-dwelling skulker with a jewel-like ruby throat.
This is probably one reason why, in my opinion, the British are a nation of armchair forecasters.
The greatest threat to a typical Linux installation, in my opinion, is a careless root user.
Video quality is, in my opinion, harder to assess for animation than it is when dealing with live action.
If he cares more about your training than lining his pocket, then in my opinion that's a sign of a good teacher.
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Examples from Classical Literature
This centre in my opinion is, unquestionably, the seat of the auditory function.
No other man, let his merits be what they may, could have these advantages in my opinion.
Anything simpler than this could not, in my opinion, be classed as a trilobite.
He dined with me at Rijaori, and highly approved the mahseer, which he pronounced equal to salmon, but far inferior in my opinion.
I have been asked if, in my opinion, the peoples composing the new state of Jugoslavia will stick together.
Indeed, in my opinion it is not wise to delay these movements long even in subacute cases.
The striped hyena, although the best known, is in my opinion the least interesting of his kind.
A horse ought in my opinion to be quite seven years old, to take his turn regularly once a week stagging.
This is one of the most vicious assumptions in higher education today, in my opinion.
That indicates that he was a serviceman and that, in my opinion, that waives the membership fee.
For these reasons, the graduate school training is by far the more desirable, in my opinion.
Why, in my opinion, Sir John, the less that either of us says of the v'y'Ge the better.
No satisfactory phylogenetic explanation of the Mammalian gastrula by epibole has in my opinion as yet been offered.
What really took place was a miscarriage, in my opinion, superinduced by coition.
Praise, in my opinion, properly and not prodigally bestowed, is one of the best resources of a nation.
The whole business is poppycock, in my opinion, and the sooner this bubble bursts the better.
A phantasm, in my opinion, is a phenomena that cannot be explained by any physical laws.
That library of pamphlets and comments, in my opinion, is as valuable as Pepys's Diary.
And yet it is points like these which, in my opinion, make up the true science of osteology.
I find this alternative take on Lourdes to be of interest as, in my opinion, she has been read quite ungenerously by many.
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