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It has often been regarded, like folk music, as a genuine popular culture, in danger of extinction.
Pity the turtles and cherish them, for they too are on the conservationist's list of vulnerable species and in danger of extinction.
One of the company's key concerns is the promotion of regional specialities that are in danger of extinction.
But the number of wild animal species began to drop from the early 1980s, with Tibetan antelopes and wild kiangs in danger of extinction.
The hawksbill sea turtle population in the Gulf of Thailand is small and in danger of extinction because of illegal fishing and the mammals' limited ability to reproduce.
However, Mughal supremacy in India was not established till the reign of Akbar and before that there were times when the Mughals were in danger of extinction.
And thanks to oil palm plantations springing up in Africa, chimpanzees are in danger of extinction.
Six further species are in danger of extinction, i.e. marsh saxifrage, serrated wintergreen, meadow saffron, cottonweed, rough poppy and meadow saxifrage.
Both leatherback and green turtles are classified as endangered, which means they are in danger of extinction.
However, forests in this state have been historically depleted with species such as holm oak, pine and oyamel in danger of extinction.
The orchestra was in danger of extinction for lack of players, and Barbirolli seized the opportunity to help it.
According to Birdlife International in 2006 in Cuba 29 species of bird are in danger of extinction and two species officially extinct.
Most of the plants here are native to the region, and many, such as the Peltogyne mexicana or purple stick tree, are in danger of extinction.
Species in danger of extinction include the jaguar, spider monkey and anteater.
With the modern rise of corporate agribusiness and the decline of localized family farms, many breeds of sheep are in danger of extinction.
The park contains a number of species which are in danger of extinction including the black bear and the puma.
In a recent survey, 78 wild oak species have been identified as being in danger of extinction, from a global total of over 500 species.
Today, however, most children are not learning the language from their parents, putting it in danger of extinction in spite of efforts to introduce bilingual education.
In 2016, the ash tree was reported as in danger of extinction in Europe.
Examples from Classical Literature
If this holy fire be too much confined, it will be in danger of extinction.
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