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I mean how can you ever feel comfortable living in a house with someone who hates and resents you?
I live in a house that has been converted to include five bedsits and five small studio flats.
Firefighters praised a teenage girl who shinned down a drainpipe and rescued her sister and friend trapped in a house blaze.
So, now living in a house, first floor only, I could likely be a prime target for any kind of scaries and psychos to walk in and get me.
The officer recalled a surveillance operation when detectives monitored them in a house in the Carndonagh area.
Are five boring idiots in a house twice as boring, or only half as boring, as ten boring idiots?
It would be hard to imagine the man actually being the boss in a house of sister wives.
As well as being a fear of open spaces, agoraphobia is also a fear of being in a crowd, being alone in a house and travelling alone.
The risk of death in a house fire is three times higher in homes without smoke alarms.
Friends last saw the Lancastrian in a house in a beachside suburb of Bondi, from where she sent a text message to her housemate.
Until about six months ago, we used to have a warden living in a house next to our flats.
We used to stay in a house on the coast nearby and of course the castle was always on the visit list.
In his final days, he had little money and was living in a house on the Gold Coast, rent-free in exchange for gardening duties.
He talks to the musician about growing up in a house resonant with music, about his early struggles and about how music can make people weep.
As the amount of glass used in a house increases, the energy efficiency usually decreases.
For many years he has lived with Jane in a house that they share in Islington.
At the ripe age of 26, the two were closer then ever and lived together in a house in rural New England.
We're roomies, of course, I feel safer knowing that Mattie's around rather than me in a house all by myself.
For several years during her girlhood, Bess was a tomboy in a house full of brothers.
He lived in a house on the beach and fell in love with Grenada's azure blue seas and white sand beaches.
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Examples from Classical Literature
A spine-tingling tale of a group of tormented men and women forced to live in a house saturated with evil.
He was a spy in a house which sheltered a princeling who might yet force Europe into war.
An Appenzell farmer lives in a house from forty to sixty feet square, and rarely less than four stories in height.
In the year 1850 I saw in a house in Sedgwick, Me., individuals of four different generations smoking.
Once Chirsty left him and took up her abode in a house just across the wynd.
There's no sense left on any person in a house where an old woman will be talking for ever.
Not one, but twenty copies of the athenaeum in a house where never a book was read.
Were it not for the receding city below him, Chick could have imagined himself sitting in a house while a windstorm tore by.
I found it under some rubbish in a house at Colombo, and have translated it from one end to the other.
He received us in a room that might have been in a house in a provincial town in France, and the one or two Polynesian curios had an odd look.
In the Province of Omi we stayed four or five days in a house at Okinaga.
Last week I stood in a house where another of those sixty-six had passed.
John lived in a boat turned upside down on the sands, Michael in a wigwam, Wendy in a house of leaves deftly sewn together.
The car had been to him no more than a room in a house, and when he had entered it the city had been all around him.
This we found in a house belonging to a son of the caid of Biskra.
Laws are made to be kept, else we live in a house of chicane.
So it became eloquent, picturing the blissfulness of married life in a house with nothing to pay.
The stories were told with the air of one who had lived in a house with Charles Lamb and knew all the secrets of his private life.
So Sheila was staying in a house in which ices could be prepared?
A CANNABIS farm was discovered beneath a trapdoor in a house in Aigburth.
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