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Sentence Examples
He lacks strategy and good judgment, and his quick temper and impetuosity too often get the better of him.
One small officer in his impetuosity dashed at the pig with his spear, missed him clean, and fell over on the top of him.
Her occasional outbursts of temper and impetuosity are followed by self-admonishment.
But, like several of his colleagues, there is an impetuosity to his batting and he has struggled for consistency.
Youthful impetuosity and confidence has given way to caution and self-doubt, fuelled by a whole array of injuries over the years.
Defoe's impetuosity and foolhardiness extended to his business affairs.
Leinsdorf shows unwonted impetuosity in his approach to tempos, and the Boston Symphony Orchestra, while not consistently as refined as it could be, plays the music tautly.
Perhaps they miss something of the impetuosity of the first movement of the Kreutzer, the violent physical impact that Beethoven brought to music.
This pillow text has earnestness and impetuosity, the feel of song lyrics that could pass for Imagist poetry.
The impetuosity of her temper, the energy and restlessness of her character, placed in a point of eternal friction with us.
News was brought him, that the Scythians, and barbarous nations of the North, were again up in arms, and invading the empire with furious impetuosity.
It is a miraculous, multitiered balancing act of Classical grace and Romantic ardor, musical taste and dazzling display, formal structure and impetuosity.
Examples from Classical Literature
In his impetuosity, we find the rationale of much that is peculiar in the style of Dr. Chalmers.
The eye cannot follow his movements, unless you rein him in and restrain his impetuosity.
The impetuosity of his character was then unchastened by the discipline to which it was subjected in after years.
Jonathan's impetuosity, and the manifest singleness of his purpose, seemed to overawe those in front of him.
The impetuosity with which he came amongst them carried them along.
The impetuosity of my advent made the man at the helm start slightly.
A shepherd with a flock arrived at a river of some impetuosity.
The last sea rushed upon us with the impetuosity of a torrent.
And with his usual impetuosity he at once set about arming himself for the adventure.
Her impetuosity caused him perpetual anxiety, but he loved her.
He determined to bid farewell for ever to the impetuosity of youth.
He was a dark-browed, good-looking youngster of nineteen, greatly resembling his mother, but with ten times her impetuosity.
Bereft of its stormy impetuosity it is as trist as her thoughts.
In spite of his usual command over himself, Dantes could not restrain his impetuosity.
It brought Pedro in with an extraordinary, uncouth, primeval impetuosity.
The piano at the foot of the staircase clanged through a mazurka with brazen impetuosity, as though a vulgar and impudent ghost were showing off.
He was perhaps vexed with himself for his impetuosity and hastiness.
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