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This kind of logic lies behind all conspiracy theories, with their infuriating imperviousness to counter-argument.
I fear his intense, mind-beating politeness, his titanium imperviousness to human weakness, his barking power-laugh.
Only an undamaged packaging can guarantee the products imperviousness and sterility.
Additionally, it exhibits astonishing imperviousness to external influences on location.
Include area calculations demonstrating no increase in net imperviousness of the site.
The severity and extent of stream adjustment is a function of the degree of watershed imperviousness as well as the stream type.
Research models suggest that a threshold for urban stream stability exists at approximately 10 percent imperviousness of a watershed.
Their anatomical grip, the absence of double impulses and their imperviousness to spraying by water make them particularly reliable.
It would then be obligatory to do the requisite to attain the imperviousness required by the first sentence of this provision.
Bhutan, between imperviousness and cultural integration: how to open up to tourism while defending one's cultural identity?
Material for the outer conductor is most often selected for its imperviousness to the environment in which the cable will be placed.
In cross-border territories the mobility of businesses and their employees is hampered by the imperviousness of employment aid measures.
But what makes A Little Life so powerful, unsettling and occasionally infuriating is Jude's imperviousness to the love of his friends.
In terms of the impact of development, the effects of imperviousness, both in terms of habitat fragmentation and increased runoff, merit special research focus.
This leaves little room for manoeuvre should any of them lack business acumen, or the imperviousness to embarrassment that is required to sell synthetic genitalia.
Beneath Kate's antagonism is an intrigued interest in this man who looks and acts like no other in her orbit and greets her most savage taunts with a jovial imperviousness that disarms, and eventually unarms, her.
This wholesale piercing of veils, this society of pioneers' descendants, noble in their imperviousness to propaganda.
Its original mix design is an excellent compromise between compaction, macrotexture and microtexture, providing imperviousness and good skid resistance.
Wireless connections offer significant advantages over fixed data communications lines, such as imperviousness to ice and high winds.
These creatures seem to have the very imperviousness that Welty's travellers seek.
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