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It cannot be a good sign that the filmmakers are largely impervious to the insecurity and suffering of wide layers of the population.
The administration seems indifferent to data, impervious to competing viewpoints and ideas.
Our council seem impervious to criticism and oblivious to basic common sense.
He reached out with almost omnipotent power and smote his enemies, remaining impervious to their counterattack.
In a position to shun the cash bribes of big business, he's now impervious to their threats.
Their immaculate feathers impervious to sleet and rain, a pair of white-capped albatross engage in affectionate courtship rituals.
In other words, it's not impervious to moisture but it will get you through an afternoon cloudburst.
My heart goes out to particular moments and people, both recent and distant, and holds on for dear life, impervious to happiness or unhappiness.
Ultimately, the child loses self-esteem, leaving an impression to the outside world that he is impervious to rehabilitation.
His calculations are based on ideas that do not necessarily correspond to reality and are often impervious to outside influences.
Over the last couple of years, he had become impervious to the disrespect and ignorance of his classmates.
While the Savoy remains one of the more traditional tearooms in London, even this traditional establishment is not impervious to modernisation.
Yet from our plane window, we can see idyllic seaside villages seemingly impervious to the devastation that has swept the region.
When did we begin to allow, let alone forgive, let alone encourage work that is so rhetorical, so impervious to public engagement?
Here, surely, is a prime example of how formalism makes economists impervious to the evidence.
The element in our last kettle was impervious to descaler and had started to resemble a chilly tundra.
State-Zionism is an ideology based on an absolute conviction, one impervious to history and experience, to emendation and to compromise.
For example, the taste for discrimination may be endogenous to a particular society and consequently relatively impervious to competition.
The press was completely impervious to the presentation of evidence that might in any way be seen as exonerating the President.
Young and oddly confident, they are blind to their deficiencies and impervious to the daunting odds stacked against them.
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Examples from Classical Literature
Jurgis was destined to find that Elzbieta's armor was absolutely impervious to Socialism.
Hilbery was impervious to their discomfort, or chose to ignore it, or thought it high time that the subject was changed, for she did nothing but talk about Shakespeare's tomb.
His son is impervious to all common forms of pecuniary temptation.
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