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New features include a 1.8V matched impedance interface, known as stub series terminated logic.
To measure body fatness, one may use dual energy x-ray absorptiometry, densitrometry or bioelectrical impedance.
If the load impedance is not equal to the transmission line impedance, the wattmeter will indicate the amount of reflected power.
It may be expressed as IX, where X, the reactance, is the imaginary part of the impedance.
High impedance leads to heating of the material, arcing to the material under the dispersive electrode, and subsequent burns.
Changing the length of a transmission line will change the input impedance if the load isn't properly matched to the line.
Thus, the machine tool was built to have the highest possible passive impedance.
If the load impedance perfectly matches the transmission line impedance, the reflected power is zero.
An impedance matching circuit is provided for each signal-carrying wire pair of the first and second wire pair sets.
Care should be taken in impedance matching between the elements of the user's GPS system.
It has high dynamic power and a low impedance driver so it sounds full, without any muddiness.
Both antennas feature linear polarization, an impedance of 50 ohms and maximum input power at 10 watts.
This feature sends a signal with a sharp edge down the transmission line and looks for reflections due to impedance imperfections.
Body composition, including fat free mass, fat mass, was assessed by bioelectric impedance.
Underwater weighing, skinfold thickness, bioelectrical impedance and near-infrared analysis are more precise means of assessing fatness.
After the leads for impedance cardiography were applied, we were unable to accurately collect and record bioimpedance data from 4 patients.
The passive antenna elements are coupled to selectable impedance components.
The transponder alters the impedance of the tuned circuit in accordance with the coded pattern.
When impedance is reached, the energy shuts off and a tone alerts OR staff members that fusion is complete.
The instrument must show the true rms value of the voltage across the measuring impedance.
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Examples from Classical Literature
Find the reactance of a choke coil having a resistance of 10 ohms, when its impedance is 50 ohms.
The symbol of Fig. 104 is a good one for the toroidal type of impedance coil.
These four impedance coils are wound on separate cores and do not have any inductive relation whatsoever with each other.
In order to further increase the impedance, the cores are made long and heavy.
In the experiment which we have just performed impedance is fifty times as important a factor as ohmic resistance.
An important factor in the design of impedance coils is the grade of iron used in the magnetic circuit.
What is the impedance if the voltage of the line is 115 volts?
The impedance of its secondary will be a quarter of this or 3,000 ohms.
The impedance of the coil I is changed by moving its adjustable core.
The combined effect of resistance and reactance is called impedance.
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