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Is it answered professionally or are you rudely grilled before information is reluctantly imparted?
Fortunately, he imparted his knowledge to a generation of postgraduate students.
Numerous washings and applications of oil have imparted a lustrous black color to some of these sculptures.
I realised that this was the only occasion from all my schooldays when I could recall the teacher, the location, and the specific fact imparted.
At that instant, the total effects of interior ballistics in terms of developed muzzle velocity and spin have been imparted to the projectile.
I believe they imparted a bottom-line idea of morality derived from self-sacrifice, respect and immutable values.
Each of the ingredients imparted a characteristic colour to the food, so it was important to know how to mix and match.
Bishop John McAreavey imparted blessings at a special prayer ceremony in which pupils, special guests, governors, parents and staff took part.
Even in the unlikely event of a speedy recovery for the Credit market, this week has imparted a heavy body blow.
It's a potent brew of emotions that is imparted with much laughter through tears.
He officiated at the service and later imparted Benediction to all present.
The melding of the two steels imparted the ductility of iron to the hardness and edge-holding qualities of carbon steel.
A hint of celery flavour may be imparted to meat dishes by using ready-made celery salt.
The pork was deliciously succulent and tender with a great flavour being imparted from the meat's fat.
Wonderful news was imparted, but only on the understanding that he was sworn to secrecy.
Urdu education was imparted to students in these institutions along with religious education.
Visitors could also get a feel of the polytechnic education and the kind of training imparted to the students.
The velocity already imparted by Earth's rotation is that much less needed by the rocket's own fuel to attain the necessary orbital speed.
In a nutshell, the issue was whether God's righteousness is imputed or imparted.
This in turn, because of the layout of the drive, would have imparted an upward component to the force of the car on the gate.
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Examples from Classical Literature
The colour imparted to the wool by fuchsine is retained after washing, and may be distinguished from archil by ammonia.
She had even imparted to her, when it came to the issue, something of coherency.
The final polish can soon be imparted by means of a small boxwood slip, or flattened peg-wood, and diamantine and alcohol.
Some things were imparted to her without her asking or wishing, and merely in virtue of her youth and impressionability.
Shades of more or less depth or intensity are imparted by adding to the tin chloride a little nitrate of strontium or barium.
They were to be imparted, to begin with, on the smooth sward of the bowling green.
Let it be remembered that it was Kepler who first imparted the proper impulse in this direction.
He is a natural person, and all that he knows of value can be naturally imparted.
The fact that he remained standing imparted a tentativeness to the situation.
What vigor would it have imparted to my imagination, what brilliancy to my fancy!
Yet the knowledge imparted to him by the chambermaid was rankling in his mind.
The wareroom was densely dark, to which was imparted additional horror by the piercing moans of the suffering.
The handle, by which a torsional vibration is imparted to the wire, may be slipped over either electrode.
Yet he was pained at the information imparted by his sister Winnie who was good.
As imparted in the universities and schools, it savored strongly of medievalism.
By calcination, a greater degree of intensity may be imparted to the colour, and perhaps a little more solidity.
The motile force is imparted to the gonidium by dense rows of waving cilia with which it is completely surrounded.
Hestia presided over the private hearths and homesteads of the Greeks, and imparted to them a sacred character.
Pori was handsome, and sleep imparted to his pure features an indescribable expression of languor and tenderness.
At length Redding, in a moment of confidence, imparted his secret.
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