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Sentence Examples
It's not extensive enough and talking to people in the immediate vicinity is not sufficient.
There are schools, shops, restaurants and sports clubs in the immediate vicinity.
He ran from the immediate vicinity to find a stop valve to turn the water off.
Rolling my eyes at their puerility, I poked carefully at my meal and observed the fellow passengers in our immediate vicinity.
On match days, it is almost impossible to park a car within the immediate vicinity of the ground.
Martin created a bit of a barrier of folded space around his immediate vicinity.
His remaining family described Mr Skelton as a sociable man, but whose life revolved around his house and the immediate vicinity.
There are few traces of the mining in the immediate vicinity, but a hike up the mountain reveals many abandoned buildings and ironworks.
He also disputed the number of car parking spaces, which reputedly would be available in the immediate vicinity of the licensed premises.
The high-temperature polytype dickite is also present in the immediate vicinity of the thrust planes.
Copulations were observed on three occasions, all in the immediate vicinity of nests.
The car-free village of Bettmeralp which is only accessible by a large-car cableway is located in the immediate vicinity of the impressive Aletsch Glacier.
It is currently believed that effective cryoprotectants for proteins or enzymes in solution are excluded from the immediate vicinity of these biological molecules.
Absence of major oceanographic anomalies in the immediate vicinity of Johnston Atoll may contribute to relatively high and invariant survival in Brown Boobies.
Fortunately, there were no other vehicles or pedestrians in the immediate vicinity at the time as the trailer glided across the road and became embedded in a stone wall.
To date I am still receiving complaints from residents and workers in the immediate vicinity that the smell at times is overpowering and unbearable.
The ban forbids smoking anywhere which is considered council property, including the Guildhall yard and in the immediate vicinity of authority buildings.
I feel physically ill when trees are cut down in my immediate vicinity.
Men and youths wearing surgical masks or balaclavas guarded the building and patrolled its immediate vicinity.
The minister insisted that any change in the present policy would be a body blow to the entire western region, not just in the immediate vicinity of Clare and Limerick.
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Examples from Classical Literature
The formation at and in the immediate vicinity of Melbourne, is of tertiary deposits associated with arenaceous older rocks.
Specimens were obtained in rainforest in the immediate vicinity of the settlement.
It lies in an upland valley of the peak district, the hills of which rise above 1200 ft. in its immediate vicinity.
At McMinnville, we heard of some commands of rebels in our immediate vicinity, any one of which was superior to us in number.
When it was discovered that Loka was nowhere in the immediate vicinity, tontine was furious.
In the immediate vicinity of the Nass are two other languages, the Bellacoola and Chimsyan, of which hardly anything is known.
It is not quite clear in my mind even now why things in my immediate vicinity did not start to aviate.
Specimens were obtained in the rainforest and in cleared areas in the immediate vicinity of the town.
In the immediate vicinity of the house, vinca minor is used as ground cover.
We have likewise the red and blue gum, but in no great quantity, in the immediate vicinity of Perth.
Still another of the original seven stood in the immediate vicinity.
The automatic rifles of the troopers began to go off, as well as the rifles, in the immediate vicinity, of the double-banked infantry.
There is good reason to believe that this company can be easily made up in this immediate vicinity, of mutual friends and acquaintances.
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