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Sentence Examples
The darker the drink, the more congeners and other hangover-causing substances you'll imbibe, so tread warily around ports and heavy red wines.
We read poems by our predecessors to imbibe the experience of life as captured by them.
The play encourages young minds to question existing norms and the children have managed to imbibe the thought of the play.
But, whatever the reason, men no longer imbibe alcohol so freely, especially during the day, as they did a few years ago.
The company claims that if you take this pill, you will need less alcohol to stay drunk, so will imbibe less.
During the nineteenth century, sufferers on this side of the grave were treated with animal blood, which they were expected to imbibe.
They are both erecting places where the bibulously inclined may imbibe to their hearts content.
Along with their invitations, each received a miniature bottle of Stoli vodka, with the suggestion that they imbibe first.
The bar tender was very funny, teasing me when I ordered a white wine spritzer instead of the Scotch he was trying to persuade everyone to imbibe.
Indeed, don't imbibe on an empty stomach, that is asking for trouble.
Sports fans are like some new species of migratory bird, season after season winging across the world to some far-flung field to unfurl the flag and imbibe the beer.
Anneli Rufus on 15 stats that predict your propensity to imbibe.
You will imbibe the mint fragrance of yerba buena and the raspberry aroma of Santa Susana tarweed.
It's a shriekingly surreal series of vignettes that's almost entirely unwatchable now regardless of how many nefarious substances you've managed to imbibe.
Finally, they also have a salt gland that is situated above the nasal passage that helps desalinate their bodies, due to the high amount of ocean water that they imbibe.
Examples from Classical Literature
He never could imbibe enough and, when tanked full, contentedly resigned to her the right to rule.
Gram, too, came out with a dipperful of chamomile tea, of which she authoritatively exhorted us to imbibe a draught.
The worms which live inside seem to flourish particularly well on the food they imbibe from pin oak.
The new ideas were popularized for all strata of the people to imbibe.
Moreover, slaves are like other people, and imbibe prejudices quite common to others.
By their stimulus, which induces the absorbent vessels to imbibe them.
At first, it lay lightly on the surface of the fluid, appearing to imbibe none of its moisture.
However, slaves are like other people, and imbibe similar prejudices.
I should certainly like to imbibe some of this sanguine spirit.
At thy behest I will shake off that nature Which from my, forefathers I did inherit, Which with my mother's milk I did imbibe, And be no more Politian, but some other.
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