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His illiteracy means that he didn't read the warnings on his medication, leading to a dangerous reaction.
The literacy rate for women has stagnated, and, in certain regions, the level of female illiteracy is very high.
The error might have resulted from a second's distractedness rather than illiteracy.
That little bit of socialism, or communism if you will, has done a whole lot of good as far as almost eliminating illiteracy.
Functional illiteracy is considered anything less than a seventh-grade reading level.
The surname could also have changed form when migration is combined with illiteracy.
This sounds like a conspiracy of some sort, to lull our aggressive adolescents into a lobotomized state of social and political illiteracy.
Businessmen habitually complain about the economic illiteracy of the public, and with good reason.
Of course, scientific illiteracy is a real problem, but it is not the only problem with which rapid scientific advancement confronts us.
Yet even as we rely on numbers, we are bedeviled by innumeracy, the mathematical equivalent of illiteracy.
Australians are not immune to the financial illiteracy problem and symptoms here, just as elsewhere, abound.
Moreover, this stubborn illiteracy is being actively spread by its fundamentalist churches to other parts of the world.
Even when their produce is earning the country billions of dollars, their lives are enmeshed in poverty, illiteracy, and misery.
I provide this here so that you may see the magnitude of the battle we are waging against ignorance and scientific illiteracy.
Americans seem to be particularly notorious for their geographic illiteracy.
Fifty-five years of rule under the national bourgeoisie has created a cauldron of ethnic and communal strife, poverty and illiteracy.
Standards of education, while high during the 1970s, have slumped dramatically and illiteracy rates have soared.
At some stage he noticed that illiteracy was far greater amongst the seeing than the reading public.
Colin, despite his general enthusiasm for cons, harbors contempt towards what he considers the illiteracy of many fans.
All about us one sees the flourishing of a vigorous new illiteracy, widely distributed and attached to muscular incivility and crime.
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Examples from Classical Literature
Historic and systematic aspects of functional illiteracy, as well as language degradation, are minimally addressed.
In the civilization of illiteracy, we experience the emergence of micro-readership attracted to non-standard writing.
The degree of illiteracy is difficult to quantify, but the result is easy to notice.
How can we rescue them from poverty and illiteracy, and not pauperize them?
Since that time we have reduced the illiteracy of the race at least 45 per cent.
In such situations and locations, the pragmatics of literacy and illiteracy meet and interact.
The civilization of illiteracy requires alternatives to centralism, hierarchy, sequentiality, and determinism in politics.
The artistic experience of the civilization of illiteracy is also characterized by impatience and autarchy.
He was so handicapped by illiteracy and by his trusting disposition that he would be an easy prey to sharpers.
This is what prompts concerns about the civilization of illiteracy.
When Pajhwok Afghan News showed the boy the expiry date on his foodstuffs, he tended to seek refuge behind illiteracy.
These characteristics are definitive of the civilization of illiteracy.
So, is the USA the epitome of the civilization of illiteracy?
We must eliminate the evils of mendacity, poverty and illiteracy from our society.
On which part should the stigma of illiteracy set the uglier brand?
The domain of alternatives constitutes the civilization of illiteracy.
Foot-binding, female infanticide, concubinage, and illiteracy were commonplace.
Niello is also one of several legislators who have engaged in grass-roots activities to fight financial illiteracy.
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