Sentences and phrases with the word ices

Looking for sentences or phrases with the word ices? Here are some examples.

Dolores Hidalgo is known for ice cream and ices, much of which is simply sold next to the parish church.

While ice cream and ices are made in other parts of the state, these stand out because of the many unusual flavors offered such as beer, pulque, chile relleno, even shrimp and mole.

Gymanistics ARTISTIC WOMEN'S TEAM FINALDario Joura ices her nose after her attempt on the uneven bars.

Chatting to customers as she ices cakes in pastel hues.

Three out of five selections are ices in various forms.

For 2012, ICES advises the catches should be no more than 391,000 tonnes.

In 2003, ICES stated a high risk existed of stock collapse if then current exploitation levels continued, and recommended a moratorium on catching Atlantic cod in the North Sea during 2004.

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