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A dumping ground for rubbish has been transformed into a prestigious new beach hut site.
The cracking of stock-whips among the tree-ferns near may cause the lonely hut dweller to swing the billy, intent on hospitable thoughts.
Although basic, their wood hut had a kitchen, dining room, two bedrooms and shower.
She had paid for the tiny creature, the cage, the bedding, the hermit hut, and the food.
For the man inside the hut, his accuser and punisher was being mercilessness.
In the lobby a lady from the Nolebela Tribe was painting murals on a traditional mud hut and doing beadwork as well.
Beach hut owners in Frinton have had to cover the cost of a rise in vandalism over the past year.
I sat on my hammock, in my hut over the water, I read my books and I got eaten alive by mozzies.
Day two, we walked down the steep-sided Hukere Stream to join up with the Travers River, then on to Lake Head hut.
Rilleta continued walking until she reached her cove, a small hollowed-out hut of earth.
The more discerning Dorset resident may wish to consider a 16 ft by 18 ft wooden beach hut on the county's coast.
Then we pass through another narrow corridor into a wooden hut on stilts, where the smell of burning charcoal and body odour is overwhelming.
This roadside forest is hut a scrubby mix of hardwoods and pines, with a wet smear of inch-deep creek running through the middle.
Over the eight-foot security fence we see a man fixing the thatch on a new hut in an adjacent field.
The residents were uninjured, the government spokeswoman said, adding she did not know if the hut was damaged.
To keep everyone going, shots of peach schnapps are offered on the ski down to the day hut, which is located halfway up the ski field.
We lived in a shabby hut at the foot of a steep mountain on the border of Manchuria near the Yalu River.
One hundred and twenty-five Black Cats had seemed to fill the Wise Woman's hut full, and when they all spit and miauled together it was dreadful.
So every hut we find that has a bunker we are ordered to burn to the ground.
I made towards the most colourful hut, which was obviously a bar though I couldn't see a name on it.
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Examples from Classical Literature
Had he and I hut met by some old ancient inn, we should have sat us down to wet right many a nipperkin!
And with his clubbed rifle he killed an Apache who was trying to escalade the hut.
I stymied myself from the hut by a bush and looked over my shoulder for the best line of retreat.
We groused at the amount of drills and night operations, to being hut orderlies, going on guard, and so on.
Vindictive was being conned from the flame-thrower hut on the port end of the conning-tower platform.
He looked round the empty hut again, as if he half expected to see a Willesden estate agent's name round the corner.
Oi did thot, but whin we returned to th' hut pwhere he was it's up an' gone he had.
Scale, possibly connected with shealing, is a Scandinavian word used in the north for a shepherd's hut, hence the surname Scales.
The hut of the swineherd is but a phase, one landing-place in the career of Ulysses.
On reaching the village, Zeppa went straight to his hut with lippy on his shoulder.
He learned that the evicted crew of the gemsbok had been living in the hut nearby.
The conning position in the flame-thrower hut was well chosen, our heads being about five feet above the top of the Mole wall.
She waved her hand and turned from the hut, threading her way among the trees.
Then as the blackness lifts, in the dim light of the false dawn filtering through the window of the mountain hut.
This was the log hut and shooting box of the Kaiser's son, Eitel Friederick.
But, at the point of the whip, sies grandfather drove them all back inland to a hut where they could take refuge.
He prays every day in the big hut to his Spirits, and many of the Bechuanas pray with him, but not kobo.
In it was a strange, liquid which shone and shimmered in the half-darkness of the hut.
Then they brought the old man into the hut and gave him a bowl of kasha to eat, because he had had no dinner.
Then I hunted about in Wambe's hut, and found a kaross to put over his poor bruised shoulders, and he was quite a man again.
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