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When using a spray hose, spray low and hold it closely against your pet's coat so water saturates the coat and skin.
These products allow you to simply roll up strands of lights, much like a garden hose holder, so next year you won't have to fight with tangles.
Inside they found hydroponic equipment, fertiliser, grow bags, a hose and a standing fan.
With a garden hose connected to this safety valve, you can direct some of the overflow after a heavy rain out into the garden.
To keep it running, you have to keep the pressure in the hose higher than atmospheric pressure.
What I do, when I get to the bottom and start working, is I take the hose and stuff it down the back of my wetsuit.
The engineers jury-rigged chill water, tying in fittings with a fire hose to restore air conditioning.
The hose we carry are imported from Scotland and are available in cream, bottle green or lovat green.
Ernst said a supply hose had been rubbing against the dryer and was chafing through, which contributed to the natural gas smell.
Choose a site that's level and shady, has good drainage and allows easy access to wheelbarrows, garden paths and hose hookups.
The hose extends 30 inches and has a rotating head for spray or aerated water flow.
Randy and Jan and John Paul roar off in a borrowed ranger pickup parked under the big white fir by the hose rack.
Firefighters wearing breathing apparatus dragged a man from the inferno before using hose reels to douse the flames in a 70-minute operation.
You can then work over the wood surface with a stiff broom to further dislodge dirt, then rinse it off with a hose.
Before bringing a potted tree indoors, water it thoroughly and hose off the foliage.
It can only be seen as complicit in letting the clubs do their own dirty work in trying to hose down or frustrate investigations.
To make the clean up of large pots easier, Mattison has one oversized, deep sink and a faucet with a pullout nozzle and a flexible hose.
The only maintenance required is a monthly hose down of the knurled surface to remove the dirt which collects there.
But David hooked up a hose to his air conditioner spigot and ran the water out to his garden.
It seemed satisfied, at least for the moment, so I coiled the hose, shut up the garage, and went back indoors.
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Examples from Classical Literature
At suppertime, when Dave Cowan came, he was wetting the shorn sward with spray from a hose.
With a rubber hose for siphoning in his hand, the boy climbed the steep bank.
Then came, last of all, the hose themselves, and the actual work of the performer as a trapeze artist began in earnest.
Then, by twisting his pinchers round and round, he would try to attach the hose to the sunken submarine.
It may be likened to the street cleaner who flushes and cleans the street by means of a hose pipe attached to the water hydrant.
At intervals it can be thoroughly washed with a hose, and all surplus water removed immediately with a squeegee.
There was no need for the firemen to uncouple a line of hose from the reel.
His paned hose were of black velvet, lined with purple silk, which garniture appeared at the slashes.
He lashed the gas can solidly to his packboard, slipped the end of the hose into the flexible spout and wired it tight.
A pair of hose, the breeches of purple cloth of silver, welted with purple tinsel and gold.
He was dressed in a dark cerise tunic with particolored hose and forest-green boots with pointed toes.
While resting from this toil, Roger conceived the idea of making a wading pool, with the aid of the hose.
A well-fitted doublet and hose, of a grave colour, were partially concealed by a short camlet cloak of Vandyke brown.
On this occasion, he wore a short coat, philabeg and purse, and tartan hose.
His hose, his stockings and the lining of his cloak were blue and of the color of his shoulder knot.
Every few days some of the water was siphoned off through a piece of hose and fresh water run in.
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