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Sentence Examples
Third, the aircraft was stuck because they tried to taxi it clear with the holdback still in tension.
The City submits that the full amount of the holdback should be credited to the City.
When the holdback fitting released and my jet exploded forward, my hand, out of surprise, inexperience or fear, grabbed the top of the stick.
Fortunately, the holdback fitting managed to stay attached throughout our 100-plus-mile trip from Washington, as well as our 8,000 feet of landing rollout.
In certain of those cases, the holdback funds were released in contravention of that agreement, and damages were incurred and calculable because of that breach.
Be sure to attach to a drapery holdback that is secured to the wall.
The holdback is 2 or 3 percent of the total purchase price of the car.
This holdback is only payable to members of the executive council if the public accounts for that year show that the budget targets were achieved.
Transactions involving escrow arrangements or holdback agreements will require the tax practitioner to consider Regs.
Each of the announced purchase prices were subject to post-closing adjustments through a holdback of ten percent of the estimated purchase price.
A holdback for tenant improvements and leasing commissions was also incorporated and will be dispersed as leases are executed.
The holdback may be replaced at the option of the holder, throughout the duration of the contract, by a first demand guarantee.
The dealer-partners' rights to future payments of dealer holdback are preserved and the Company will continue to recognize its servicing fee on amounts collected.
In the event that the guarantee would not be created or completed within that period, the fraction of the holdback corresponding to the down payment is taken.
Examples from Classical Literature
When the nerve is unduly irritated the holdback, or inhibitory force, is increased, and the heart slows up in the same measure.
For this end, during eleven years, all had given their share without stint or holdback.
In the clouds we were passing over Clingman, Gibbs, and holdback.
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