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I would also hold on to the side of the pool and do flutter kicks, and gradually work up to swimming laps.
Only some conservative Swiss Mennonites and Amish still hold on to the sixteenth-century forms of their creed.
They will make use of that allegiance and fight viciously to hold on to the power they have so nefariously usurped.
The woman is trying to slip quarters into the machine slot with one hand while struggling to hold on to the feisty girl with her other hand.
Gilkie found the yoke wildly bucking as he attempted to hold on to the controls.
Discard the myths in which biblical stories are wrapped and hold on to the kerygma to which they point.
So you'd have to hold on to the tap, and drop in the transformer plugged into an extension lead from your hallway.
For ballet dancers, a slick floor can lead to slips and falls or clenched muscles from trying to hold on to the floor.
Alternatively, investors can hold on to the warrant until the company is floated or sold.
We couldn't hold on to the ball, and the number of basic errors we made was astonishing.
Granuaile sailed the seas of Clew Bay and beyond in the 16th century and was known far and wide for her fearless attempts to hold on to the ancient Gaelic way of life.
This was a mistake, the world spun, and I had to hold on to the dresser to stop from falling over, my throat seized up, and brought back those razor blades. eek!
The grants may also allow Canada to hold on to the talent grown and developed here, with some of the money going to graduate and post-doctorate research fellows.
An off duty police officer, who was in plain clothes, and arrived on the scene at the same time as him, asked him to hold on to the man while he found out what was going on.
It doesn't matter how many times we are told to drop everything and be one hundred percent uncontrived and natural, we still hold on to the letting go.
Most importantly, I need to hold on to the belief that God will have the last word, and that word is hope.
I don't hold on to the anger, if I can just let it dissipate on its own.
It was a shooting contest from the charity stripe from then on, and Sitra managed to do enough to hold on to the tight victory.
Having four wives, a gambling habit and a susceptibility to confidence tricksters, he did not hold on to the money he made.
Instead, the Democrats have focused on the AARP, soccer moms, opinion polls, districts with vulnerable Republicans and whether or not Harry Reid can hold on to the coalition.
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Examples from Classical Literature
There is not much attempt among these ecstatics to hold on to the dignity of their reason or the reticence of their self-respect.
He called to hold on to the spirit of love and brotherhood as well as unity of all Bahrainis who have always been known for their openness, coexistence and warm-heartedness.
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