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As I discover when I try to get hold of him before our interview, his production company is ex-directory.
Letting his emotions get a hold of him and speaking without thoroughly examining the situation.
The drug took hold of him and eventually his father had to let him go because he had become a liability.
I'm not being funny, but if he goes on like this we'll have real trouble keeping hold of him.
According to this story, he promised her that if her desire is not fulfilled after this practice, she can catch hold of him at the doom's day.
A policeman caught hold of him and dragged him over the fence to safety, leaving him with nothing more serious than bruises.
She finally got a hold of him and pinned him to the ground, and aimed a dagger for his heart.
He said the man grabbed hold of him and banged his back against a low garden wall four or five times.
Daniel gritted his teeth against the overwhelming sensations that were taking hold of him.
He speaks of the numbness that takes hold of him after long periods of work.
I've been trying to get a hold of him for a chinwag but we've only managed one brief meeting so far.
Then two or three men together seized hold of him and embraced him, until gradually he became calm.
Ducking into the lanes and byroads whenever the urchins got hold of him was no permanent solution.
Alex's sociable nature took a hold of him as soon as they stepped outdoors.
His trousers caught on his feet and he started to fall as one of the Beefeaters finally got hold of him in a rugby tackle.
Thereupon the dragon suddenly left hold of him, and went off into the lake.
The wood splintered against his knuckles as his fingers crushed through the door, his fury and anger taking hold of him.
Your Aunt Lillian managed to get hold of him and it seems there's little chance of my son escaping her clutches until the Season ends.
One fireman seemed to get hold of him then he seemed to slip from his grasp.
He slid down slowly and Cora, alarmed, caught hold of him around the waist.
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Examples from Classical Literature
In twenty-four hours after we get hold of him, we can have him eating corn out of our hands, like a billy goat.
Until the furies got hold of him he was a simple soul, content with simple things.
First of all his mother took hold of him by the flaxen hair, and pulled it.
For by them, we can at least get hold of him, and all points in his prior antics can be thereunder disposed of.
It had gripped savagely hold of him and was about to wreak upon him some terrific hurt.
And the very spirit of Satan seemed suddenly to take hold of him in his dealings with the slaves.
That is, if Shekels is out on depredation and I cant get hold of him.
He continued to play, but the Puritan sensitiveness had taken hold of him.
If I could only git hold of him I'd shake the plaguey life out o' him.
And then, in the lonesomeness and misery, fear began to take hold of him.
A third part he divided among husbandmen, to hold of him in socage.
Here, Tommy, catch hold of him t'other side before he can holla.
That is, if Shekels is out on depredation and I can't get hold of him.
He rumpled his hair with a quick, excited gesture, which with him often announces a new determination, and I could see that my suggestion took hold of him.
He told me of Catherine's illness, and accused my brother of causing it promising that I should be Edgar's proxy in suffering, till he could get hold of him.
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