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This is a rough draft, which means that I already know I didn't nail it, so please don't hold back if you think something's wrong!
Seems he's learned to hold back the tears and keep a stiff upper lip when political operatives spread scurrilous lies and outright falsehoods.
People could not hold back their tears as women got together to share their touching personal experiences.
He had a mercurial temperament and was never one to hold back his views, even in the face of opposition.
Parliamentarians should be mindful of this and take the lead rather than hold back and be over-run by the process.
Don't hold back on expressing concerns, clarifying misperceptions, or acknowledging gaps in your capabilities.
He could see the way her jaw clenched and unclenched as she fought to hold back whatever words had risen in her throat.
Try as he might, he could not hold back the contempt he felt as he mustered a reply.
It is in the nature of the beast to hold back on things to achieve some perceived advantage in life.
She smiled bravely, straining every nerve within her, to hold back the grief she felt growing inside.
There had been a great burden on me all my life, to hold back, to fear death, to fear pain.
I can hold back on splurges when shopping anywhere, but the restrain only lasts so long, and if I'm shopping alone then it lasts hardly at all.
When the memories came flooding back she only just managed to hold back an onslaught of tears.
However, yesterday, the muddy white sheets were also on their way to the dump after being used as a stopgap measure to hold back the floods.
So those who are attached to the cautious approach will hold back nervously rather than boldly promote growth.
She was brushing her bright blue hair, putting two pigtails in her hair and a heart clip to hold back loose strands.
A cynic might argue that drug companies hold back the release of drugs to keep prices high.
If people are penny-pinching or petty-minded this week, naturally you won't hold back on letting them know it.
Walls of dry-stacked Sonoma fieldstone hold back the slope and define the edge of the patio.
The irascible judge is known for not allowing much to hold back his biting observations.
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Do you guess we were frazzled up to the limit and not braced to hold back or anything, the way civilized people do?
The magnitude of his own brokenness began to sink in and now he could barely hold back the tears.
True to form, he didn't hold back on the rough-house slapstick in a clappedout hotel not so much Fawlty as frightful.
Does it hold back the lash from the slave, or sweeten his bitter bread?
Armies and navies hold back the waves of Populism and democracy.
That whoever had one foot in the grave was sure to hold back the other as strongly as he could.
I expect clients to be cagey, to hold back information, and to lie.
Yes, some people will be determined to keep Welsh alive, while many others pay lip service, but it's a bit like king Canute trying to hold back the tide.
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