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The notion of wavicles only begins to hint at the strange realm of subatomic reality.
The blonde with tears running down her cheeks starts crying harder but her blue eyes have a hint of accusation in them.
There surely must have been a hint of gold in music for woodwind and horns for Mozart to have dressed his offerings in such a resplendent manner.
The detective story is superficially part of the hard-boiled tradition, but a vein of absurdism, a hint of Kafka, distorts the naturalism.
As our food started piling up with no hint of a bagger, we began to wonder if we were supposed to do it ourselves.
On the street side of the building, an angled pair of windows juts out from the second story in the sole, subtle hint of what's to come.
The aromas and flavours of fresh ripe pineapple are topped with a hint of honey backed by zippy acidity.
Several atmospheric abstractions in jewellike reds and blues hint at figuration.
Doyle still slept, looking wan and exhausted, but that hint of a smile was still there.
But there is no hint that the other great lawgivers sought even a formal ratification for their codes.
There is a further hint that bustle and business are the properties of the older, reprobate drama.
No hint of repressed sexuality is undelivered from the analyst's couch of his interpretation.
Yuzu wasn't very prominent overall, although there was definitely a hint of tangy citrus in the rich ganache.
His accent is American but there is a slight hint of English from where he has been living in Europe for so long.
Almonds, youngberries, a hint of smokiness and white pepper spices makes up a complex bouquet.
Music passages are pleasantly rendered and there is some hint of surround activity in some thunderstorm sequences.
The only hint that he is 63-years-old is his slow step as he ambles to the witness chair and takes a seat behind the microphone.
Things had been left so ambiguously, and I didn't want there to be a hint of negativity left between us.
Yet the sense of space, of distance, the remoteness of the places through which one travelled never contained a hint of menace.
It is a role she embraces with regal dignity and a hint of self-conscious reluctance.
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Examples from Classical Literature
She stated the fact as one without a hint of any contradictory possibility.
Sir Bartholomew gave me no hint about the nature of his confidential business.
Perhaps Simon would give Sophia some hint about the countermove he must be planning.
The alchemist acted on the hint, and began his experiments, working night and day.
If your Grace can take the first word, and throw out a hint to crossbite Saville, it will be well.
Was this some more of her deductive reasoning, or had Cummings dropped a hint?
This hint, here thrown out as an additional argument for the excursive theory, will fall to be developed later on.
We can but regret that Erasmus has not saved us something fuller than this hint.
Acting on the hint Davie had given me, I soon discovered the second meal-tub.
It was like getting a private hint from the Chancellor about a cause in equity.
So Hildegard, acting on a scriptural hint, is enabled to dematerialize her doctrine of the after-things.
There was nothing unhealthy in her clear pallor, no hint of sallowness, but a soft, white glow.
Tricotrin, indifferent to the hint as to the rebuff, looked at him amusedly.
Now say, you'd thought most anyone would have dropped for a hint like that, dippy or not.
A hint, a suggestion, might have capitalised a dozen claims to having said so all along.
Only a hint of the seed vessel is given by looking at the oldest flower in a cluster, and noticing the green part at the base.
Josie is rattling volubly, but with a hint of the confidential in her tone.
Who was the indiscreet eave's-dropper or tale-bearer that gave your lordship the hint concerning this business?
So the elf gave a downward squint at the closed cage-door, just for a hint.
And there is always intruding into the commonplace of the twentieth century some touch of ancientry, some hint of romance.
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