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She has a reputation as an arrogant, high-handed judge, but at least she presumably knows what she's doing.
But then her public championing of compassionate causes is largely at odds with the high-handed way she has treated those who obstruct her.
As a result of this high-handed attitude the credibility of the ministry has been severely weakened and it will take time for it to be rebuilt.
He himself said the Government's handling of the crisis appeared high-handed and unsympathetic.
At the council meeting, Labour's David Green said the decision had been high-handed and senseless.
This refusal to have an enquiry is one more high-handed response to the reasonable concerns of the law-abiding public.
As far as I am concerned it was a high-handed decision made without any regard for the feelings of the local people.
Unfortunately, the way this policy was implemented was perceived as high-handed and arrogant by many of the pensioners who thought they were simply being robbed.
This smacks of authoritarianism and of a high-handed approach to state affairs, again reinforcing the notion that there is no real or sufficient balance of power.
While I am wholly in favour of recycling, I feel York council is going about their new system in a high-handed way without consulting those it affects.
Such high-handed attitudes would now be thought patronising.
The really galling element here is not that mistakes were made, but that their consequences for the taxpayer have been dismissed with such high-handed contempt.
Many others may not have been reported due to fear of dishonour, further humiliation or the high-handed dismissal of complaints.
Yes, he has angered many colleagues by his high-handed behaviour during the past six years.
Even supporters admit the way Anderson has introduced the plan has been high-handed.
Its decision to remain outside the law demonstrates high-handed contempt for the rule of European Union law and must not go unchallenged.
The public complained of their high-handed behaviour and uncivil ways in public spaces.
How could she be attracted to such a rude, egotistical, high-handed, bossy man like him?
In the twentieth century they went from high-handed neutralism to reluctant participation in a European adventure.
Almost everyone is forsworn at some point, and high-handed rhetoric is continually enlisted to justify it.
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She had thought only of herself in dismissing him in that high-handed manner.
Ever since Eleanor's high-handed departure she had been undergoing a metamorphosis.
But of course we cannot all expect to deal with life on this high-handed scale.
It was high-handed rascality, but I cannot connect it with Woodford.
Dulcie was sulking, however, at Leslie's high-handed manner.
What do you mean by this high-handed outrage, Captain Lloyd?
The immediate result of Nicholson's high-handed action was to change the current of public feeling in Jalandhar.
The Landtag, exasperated at his high-handed methods, refused to give him the necessary credits.
Do you know they say, Jim, that I grabbed this judgeship by some high-handed method.
Kee had said she was high-handed, and might she not elect to go about unescorted at any hour?
But I'm damned if I understand this high-handed attitude of yours!
The high-handed arrest of prat had fatally complicated the situation.
So it was with Bambi, the high-handed, imperious little mite.
First was the terrible Incendiary, next came the barelyseen Shoot On Sight and now we have this well-meaning but high-handed drama looking at the victims' families.
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