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Sentence Examples
Snipe, red buntings, yellowhammers and even kingfishers are supposedly hereabouts.
They say people hereabouts live on quinine during the month of September, and I abhor quinine, and army surgeons, you know are all allopathists.
The recent concert performance by the Collegiate Chorale in Carnegie Hall was the first hereabouts in nearly 30 years.
This is not my first visit in this country, the ladies hereabouts, to my knowledge, are made of penetrable materials.
A bit of me thinks that only hereabouts would this count as a defining characteristic.
I have to assume from the near-radio silence on the Wiley LP hereabouts that everyone is as underwhelmed by it as I am.
The only food hereabouts is off the Chinese cart at the corner, and that taste is not for everybody.
I don't know what it is about west Auckland but there's a ton of filming going on hereabouts.
That poor misguided soul was, like as not, struck fixedly mute by the sheer torturous weight of cricketing knowledge displayed hereabouts.
Built by William the Conqueror, it and 17,270 Yorkshire acres hereabouts are owned by the Duchy of Lancaster.
Whilst disorder hereabouts is at a lower level, public disorder and crimes in public areas are an important issue.
In fairness to those behind the alleged attempt at a Conservative putsch, they're not the first to try it hereabouts.
The most common response was to castigate the reporter for daring to criticize a sacred cow hereabouts, weblogs.
Unlike their counterparts in the North, the top filmstars hereabouts have so far shied away from identifying themselves with a particular political party.
Our half-mile by the water is the only accessible stretch hereabouts.
Like the other farmsteads hereabouts, it is protected on three sides by trees and is only open to the views in a direction a little east of south.
I hear it has something to do with the faces of the moon, or maybe the tide, which is quite active hereabouts, ebbing and neaping even as we sleep.
There are many such graves of suicides hereabouts, and the country folk shudder as they pass the whisht spots by night.
The teriyakied items all taste a bit too sweet, but I'll take a sweetened strip of beef anytime over those spots of grease on a bun that pass for burgers hereabouts.
Hereabouts ewes wander at will followed by their weak-kneed, painfully innocent lambs, the majority just days old.
Examples from Classical Literature
The asio accipitrinus is not rare hereabouts, nor is it dangerous to mankind.
It would also appear that since Captain King's survey the water has been shoaling hereabouts.
I remembered that the cliff hereabouts was of no great height and scalable in a score of places.
It is formed by the river bogota, which is hereabouts sixty yards in breadth.
We've got on very well hereabouts for many a year, without having anyone to worrit us from that place.
The Dwarf-cypress moss is rather plentiful hereabouts, and is used for dyeing yarn.
It is some comfort to know that everything will not be blighted hereabouts.
Bennet, have you no more lanes hereabouts in which Lizzy may lose her way again to-day?
There ain't any thieves hereabouts, and if there was, I guess they wouldn't make for your sunshade, but come along.
Is it true, what he says, that he's nor kith nor kin, hereabouts?
Unless I am in error, it had a pitched battle hereabouts with a kraken.
But hereabouts it is only by special dispensation that one gets them.
It upset all their little notions of what a stranding means, hereabouts.
It had no appeal to him, but hereabouts were the tracks of the owner.
This gambler he was the slickest short-card player ever struck hereabouts.
I will bet something now, said Stubb, that somewhere hereabouts are some of those drugged whales we tickled the other day.
The herbs I collected hereabouts were Mesomora with a proliferous blossom.
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