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Companies have been able to outsource because it's been in dribs and drabs, a few thousand jobs here and there.
We killed time here and there, and I found myself in a store pawing through the sale shirts.
There's nothing at all wrong with a bit of human imperfection here and there.
Beggars sat here and there, calling out or tinkling a little bell to catch the compassion of the innocent.
There were a few camels and traditional black Bedouin tents here and there with large flocks of sheep and goats nearby.
And here and there I stole some Serbian beans, meatballs filled with cheese and some Arabian bread.
The road is very bendy and so you should plan to stop and relax here and there.
He's always on the move from one country to another, flying here and there, but he enjoys life doing that.
Every few years I run in for a little touch-up here and there, so I don't have to have a complete overhaul.
Clusters of bluebells sway in the breeze, and here and there you spot dark pink dots of vetch.
But finally the state enforced better emissions standards, and the talc disappeared, except for traces here and there.
All of the courses are modeled in the same manner, shaving off a polygon here and there to save on system resources.
Because she works a busy sales and marketing job, shaving off a few dollars here and there is not a priority.
As violent as it got was on the rugby field with a little biffo here and there.
However, the inclusion of a few scenes here and there is not why you have to see this film on the big screen.
Mostly it's sand, sometimes a fine shingle, sometimes pebbles of every hue, and here and there flat shale for skimming the waves.
It has spread, here and there, into wild rhododendrons and wild bilberries.
Your typical bad comedy is a mess, a sloppy mishmash of junk with maybe a few funny bits here and there.
The sight of new molehills here and there reminded me of an old farm worker I knew who was a good hand at catching moles.
The diction has in places a huge and rugged grandeur, which degenerates here and there into tumidity.
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Examples from Classical Literature
Barbara trifled with the chessmen, moving them capriciously here and there.
Some colocynth is gathered here and there, and dried in the hollows of the rocks.
Save here and there a deserted camp, or a burial mound, containing perhaps articles of use or adornment, all traces have vanished.
At the sound the grooms, who were here and there in the press, hasted to find and caparison the horses of their lords.
A dozen witnesses testify that the seeds of Ricinus dropped here and there in their tunnels will make them leave.
In small groups they chattered gaily, laughing and glancing here and there.
A vast column of smoke rising spread like a brown cloud, pierced here and there by fantastic shafts of sunlight.
Hence I have here and there permitted myself liberties with these categories.
The glow-worm was alight here and there, burning out into the great universe.
Among the arthropods luminous forms crop up here and there in widely unrelated groups.
Nor does anybody, save here and there an antiquarian, read Shepard and Hooker and Mayhew.
The scenery was varied by thickets of mimosas, with here and there a baobab or a tamarisk.
From afar a tiny light gleamed here and there in some of the windows of acol Court.
With a gleam beneath a dancing ray of sunlight, with a beauty spot of white foam here and there.
At first he repeated some well-known prayers, and only accented a word here and there.
Only an individual here and there sees that freedom and domination must belong to us.
He was seldom at rest, scampering here and there, not unlike a bird-dog on a fresh scent.
The land sinks to meadows, black pine forests, with here and there a blue and wistful mountain.
A long, Black Stream of carriages poured down the avenue, intersected here and there by other streams, tending horizontally.
Little shades of formalism had crept here and there into her manner, even toward me.
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