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The differences in layout of the continents in the two hemispheres affects the dynamics of stratospheric circulation.
The midbrain is attached to the base of the cerebral hemispheres by the cerebral peduncles, two massive, flattened bundles of nerve fibres.
Concerned about the number of fits Slater was having, her doctor decided to operate to disconnect the right and left hemispheres of her brain.
Our hemispheres always work together so that we will experience a combination of right and left hemisphere in everything we do.
They were constructed by welding together two hemispheres, with holes in each end for screwed fittings.
The vetches and vetchlings are native to temperate areas in both hemispheres and their range even extends into mountainous parts of Africa.
The ventral parts of the vermis and cerebellar hemispheres have been dissected away.
The trade winds from both hemispheres converge towards the doldrums and a zone of low pressure, the equatorial trough, that girdles the earth.
There certainly are differences between the left and right brain hemispheres.
The brain includes the cerebral hemispheres, the cerebellum, and the brain stem.
However, since the Chinese language combines sound and shape, both hemispheres are used in speaking Chinese.
The brain had multiple hemorrhagic lesions within both cerebral hemispheres and the cerebellum.
Giant sperm whales are migratory, following the summer from northern to southern hemispheres.
They are found in the eastern and western hemispheres and nest on beaches throughout the Atlantic, Pacific and Indian Oceans.
The high latitudes of the northern and the southern hemispheres are very different geographically.
The direction follows the magnetic poles of the Earth between the Southern and Northern hemispheres.
Leicester are now urging rugby union's governing bodies in the northern and southern hemispheres to agree to a date for such a fixture next term.
Major coal-forming events in the Earth's history are episodic, but only one such event has widely affected both hemispheres simultaneously.
The brain weighed 1380 g and showed diffusely swollen cerebral hemispheres with marked flattening of the gyri throughout the convexities.
In 1994 Burma and Cuba, rogue states in their respective hemispheres, started tourism campaigns to secure much-needed foreign exchange.
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Examples from Classical Literature
As a consequence they have become so unlike that one kind of cycad is never found in both hemispheres.
Or perhaps, after all, they were merely two hemispheres of the selfsame world.
It is divided into two hemispheres by the falx cerebri, a partition which follows the middle line of the skull.
It consists of two hemispheres or lateral lobes, and of a median or central lobe, which in human anatomy is called the vermis.
The Y-shaped aperture thus formed, which leads from the cerebral hemispheres into the third ventricle, is the foramen of Munro.
The restiform columns derived from spinal fibres enter the cerebellum and terminate chiefly in its hemispheres.
Upon these fuliginous and amethystine crystals are many sphericles or hemispheres of red compact iron-ore, like haematites.
These hemispheres are connected with each other by a small bridge of fibers called the corpus callosum.
The shrike is a citizen of the world, being found in both hemispheres.
The optic lobes are smaller than the hemispheres and also coalescent.
That's one difference, we often say, between the Northern and Southern hemispheres.
Tinsley, bowed down with the laurels of both hemispheres, raises himself to yet nobler heights in his capacity of a devoted chef.
The cavity in each of the rudimentary hemispheres is a lateral ventricle.
At the dorsal side of the hemispheres is seen the pineal gland.
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