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If it detects an abnormally rapid heartbeat, it sends an electrical surge to a defibrillator coil and jolts the heart back into a normal rhythm.
A heartbeat, a voice, and a burr of conscience I continue to gratefully hear.
My head was buzzing as I tried to put myself to sleep using the familiar sound of Julian's heartbeat.
She thought her little five-year-old heartbeat came to a dead stop in the silence.
The other two guards were stunned to see their partner raised from the ground, but their shock lasted only a heartbeat.
Somewhere in all this the heart of a free nation has got to be still beating strongly, even if the heartbeat sounds faint to my ears.
By embarrassing the Vice-President you are a heartbeat away from providing aid and comfort to our enemies.
He drops a dime on his friend in a heartbeat, since he still wanted the money.
Cale looked through his scope and took slow deep breaths to lower his heartbeat thus steadying his aim.
They took my temperature constantly, measured pulse and blood pressure and worried over a cardiogram showing a slightly irregular heartbeat.
It rises to a peak, called the systolic pressure, at the height of the contraction of each heartbeat as the heart pumps blood out.
Other drugs may be given if pain persists, if there is fluid on the lungs or a fast heartbeat.
Then I realized that I couldn't hear anything at all, nothing but a constant thudding like a heartbeat in my eardrum.
He remembered the day's events vividly and felt his heartbeat quicken pace as he remembered the routine attack on the Alliance convoy.
It will be able to project a light that glows in rhythm with the heartbeat of the runners.
However they may lead to palpitations, which is an unpleasant awareness of the heartbeat, often described as a thumping in the chest.
There was that strange, high pitched tune playing somewhere beyond his right ear, accompanying the double thump of his heartbeat.
After four hours of climbing the near vertical mountain footpath, the headache had matured into a persistent thump with each heartbeat.
Marcy felt her breath quicken, her heartbeat accelerate and crescendo in her ears to an overpowering drone.
I could feel his breath against my neck and through my dress I could feel his heartbeat pulsating through my body as he pulled me closer.
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Then, at last, he detected a heartbeat, very feeble and slow yet unmistakable.
For a heartbeat, Stan regarded the fellow consideringly, then he shook his head.
SimMan can retch, stop breathing, slow its heartbeat, raise its blood pressure and display a limitless combination of other symptoms.
He listened to Murgatroyd's heartbeat with it while Murgatroyd dozed.
DeVore looked at his superior expressionless for a heartbeat.
The sense of time deserted him when the metronome of heartbeat died.
For a heartbeat, he started to relax the pressure on the throat.
The anesthesiologist told me that he did still have a heartbeat.
Your doctor can hear the ticktock of your heartbeat or check your lungs for possible congestion.
She wondered if he could hear the baby's heartbeat flickering under her skin, like a trapped moth beating its wings senselessly as it tried to get out.
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