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The CPI has said the government refused to budge an inch despite several pleas by delegations which have met the Home Minister.
Plans to move a drug addiction clinic near a city centre shopping area have met with a mixed reaction.
I would have thought it would have met us halfway or helped stop this happening again.
So, just as practitioners have come to realize the value of political education, the academics have met them halfway.
I don't think I have met a student who studied in detail the entire syllabus of a course at university.
The two sides have met in the FA Cup eight times and four times the winner of the tie has gone on to the final.
We have met for a drink and a chat before dinner at a local restaurant with some of her mates.
She is a fascinating, beguiling woman who I feel very privileged to have met in the flesh.
Despite lavishing millions of dollars on his campaigns and outspending his opponents, his political ambitions have met with little success.
It belongs to the hereditary Queen of the Faeries Anna Marpessa, but I expect you have met her already.
A particular shout-out goes to all the bloggers, too numerous to mention, who I have met in real life, many of whom I now consider as friends.
However, members of the Public and Commercial Services union and Prospect union have met the announcement with a note of caution.
Be thankful it is not one of your loved ones that have met their fate in this way.
I have met, I believe, the two most affectedly camp people in the country, and I have the mental scars to prove it.
Of course Turkey should be allowed to join if they have met the conditions of membership.
I have fought trolls, seen elves, and I have met Carmella, one of the twelve sorceresses.
I have met solitaries that did write their own rituals out, but when it came down to writing a ritual to involve others they were at a loss.
These developments have met with a mixed reaction in the respective countries.
Those who have met him were impressed by the mixture of flexibility and unyieldingness in his personality.
I have met snuffy, stupid, undutiful, conceited, and snobbish priests, but for me one Fr. Francis outweighs them all.
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Examples from Classical Literature
Any boy more 'gleg at the uptak' would have met his parents half-way, and eased their burden.
I remember, in 1828, to have met one of these in the Grisons, near the upper end of the valley of the Rhine.
I have met an excellent French and English scholar, to whom it was quite a surprise to learn that redingote was riding-coat.
Good-night, said I, going to him to take his hand, for he was too wobbly to have met me halfway.
I have met with the word in French authors, but never could assign any idea to it.
The other is a singular form of socketed spear, differing from any example I have met with elsewhere.
With what merry scorn would she have met this assertion of the patria potestas from the mouth of a sound brother!
All your scruples, you see, have met with an indulgence truly maternal from me.
By rights we should have met at the bedside of some soldier, or at least on the hospital ship.
These imitations have met, both in my hands and in the hands of others, with greater success than any other form of wet fly.
He did not remember to have met during his long career an invincible resistance or an absolute impediment.
The Donatist treatises have met with little attention from individual editors.
In certain instances where junctures arose, it is doubtful that any other could have met them with equal efficiency.
You have met one who is to you as the most holy of saintly men is to the basest of the Kafir.
But that Pytheas should have been far enough out in the sea north of Norway to have met with drift ice is scarcely credible.
As I have met with but one example of this, from Lesbos,7 I will summarize it briefly.
You have met to discuss and consider the important question of a prime meridian for all nations.
I shall keep them on the tenterhooks, asking them whom they suppose I have met?
I have met Miss Lys at your house, and I knew such a thing to be impossible.
Oh, I have met an Englishman who was angry with Etna for being the shape it is.
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