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I believe that the Government has erred in not making those adjustments, which would have meant tax reductions for all taxpayers.
This would have meant that the evaporation stopped at the kainite crystallization point.
The wet summers have meant grass has regrown very quickly and thick, and it is a big task for them to keep up this role.
We couldn't help reflecting that, in Stirling's time, such a shunt would have meant broken limbs at the very least.
Such a measure, if adopted, might well have meant the destruction of America, ripping the country apart.
A special dividend would have meant higher rate taxpayers would have had to pay additional tax.
The whole thing is bananas but I didn't attempt to clear my name as that would have meant staying on for several months more.
For Jones, that summer would have meant spending long days with Mitchell, the boyfriend she had been seeing for three months.
I suppose he may have meant well, but he isn't exactly blessed with an abundance of tact.
Whatever human life may have meant to her, it was never an obstacle to self-advancement.
Injuries to key players have meant youngsters being blooded probably a bit too early but with experience they can only improve.
Tax breaks have meant a few hundred more houses and the population of the town more than trebles in the summer months.
In the past, this would have meant having a sculptor create a clay model from the drawings.
Delays have meant that work on restoring the Turkish baths in Hathersage Road will not start until late next year.
The failed application would have meant the simultaneous excavation of coal and clay on a different section of the land.
This could have meant unleashing terrorists in attacks on British and US targets or weapons of mass destruction or both.
Transport costs and the islands' small population have meant Orcadians rarely see such companies at local venues.
Injuries have meant that we've had to chop and change, so it has been difficult to stay fresh.
That extra cost might have meant other aspects of the clinic's work having to be pared down.
To recognize the right to free association might have meant to deprive hundreds of millions of the right of civil peace.
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Examples from Classical Literature
Three years have passed since our marriage, and I have meant to ask you this many times, O Sato!
The young man who wrote with this amplitude and precision must have meant what he said.
This would have meant forfeiting her marriage settlement and the sum that was in escrow.
For a Jugoslav girl to have been seen in company with an Italian sailor would have meant her social ostracism, if nothing worse.
The attack on Roger had prepared him, as, indeed, nur Mahal may have meant that it should.
The Vinrooge wine acted the way marv said it would only he must have meant two cases of beer insted of two bottles.
It is only in thinking back to there that I can realize how much they might always have meant to me.
It would have meant terrible times and great loss of life, but no revolutionist hesitates at such things.
Defeat would have meant a retreat, not behind the Aube, but the Rhine.
Three months before, the avenue would have meant nothing to Sidney.
Victory would have meant the evacuation of Basra, if not of Mesopotamia.
It marked his adaptability, his capacity to adjust himself to changing conditions, the lack of which would have meant swift and terrible death.
The movement was essentially a Frenchy one and might have meant anything.
To risk the crossing under their eyes would have meant undoubted capture.
Because the establishment of God's kingdom in Judea would perforce have meant the end of the Roman kingdom, it would have been treasonable to advocate any such idea.
National Service or three more army corps four years ago would have brought us an alliance which would have meant absolute safety for twenty-one years.
These projects had included the Cache Basin in Arkansas, which would have meant the canalisation of the river Cache, and the Central Valley projects in California.
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