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Sentence Examples
This psalm blesses us with the promise that our lives have meaning and partake of the majesty of God.
Music may have meaning, but it is an imprecise language, a language of suggestion and imagery rather than verbal description.
Patients with severe dementia are not reassured by reorientation because the words do not always have meaning for them.
All songs have meaning to someone, it's more a question of subject matter.
Objects have meaning through their interaction with individual Dasein, rather than through a connection to a purer metaphysical conception of the object.
These one-word utterances that have meaning are holographic phrases, which are soon followed by short two-word sentences called telegraphic phrases.
Evil, they argued, could only have meaning on smaller scales, in the hurt that one sophont does to another.
But they also share a secret language and keep a drawerful of mundane treasures that have meaning only for them.
However, by throwing out Euclid's fifth postulate we get theories that have meaning in wider contexts, hyperbolic geometry for example.
Efficiency may seem a pitiless term to use but it does have meaning.
For Bloomfield, the morpheme was the minimal form with meaning, but did not have meaning itself.
In psychiatry, the term neologism is used to describe words that have meaning only to the person who uses them, independent of their common meaning.
Together they combine to build the custom of a birthday party celebration, a scripted combination of multiple artifacts which have meaning within their social group.
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