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Once you have mastered the Greek alphabet, then you must learn how the language is pronounced.
Very few conlangers have mastered their languages in the way one masters a native tongue.
Once you have mastered this routine, work on repeating the drill but volley each ball.
Once you have mastered all the steps leading up to the actual needle stick, you may proceed with a needleless syringe.
It seems these slaves to efficiency have mastered the age-old art of time maximization like no others of our generation.
They have learned about camping in snow conditions and have mastered skilled mountaineering rope work.
By the end, you'll have mastered one starter, two pasta dishes, two main courses and one dessert.
The phantom tag at second base is another maneuver that big league middle infielders have mastered on steal plays.
Therefore, when children have mastered automaticity of handwriting, more attentional capacity is available for comprehension and problem solving.
Now if you have mastered this as well as me the air should rush in making a pretty rubbish hand-clap sound.
As in Griaule's day, after circumcision the boys demonstrate that they have mastered the meaning of the symbols by repainting the images.
Those that have mastered the trick fall into a special category that is neither regular or goofy foot, but switch foot.
They have mastered the K-pop technique of incongruous, chopped-up, random-sounding English choruses.
Some of them possess the skills of astute politicians, and others have mastered the art of the political game.
She points her finger at me and adopts that scolding tone the French have mastered so well.
The applicant must have mastered basic Bahasa Indonesia to join this Program.
Though they seem to have mastered the water jump this time around, rails still fell often, although the faults were generals spread out over the course.
In Washington, where politicians have mastered the art of the mea culpa, those words would not normally warrant much attention.
If you invest the time to learn one Windows or Mac program, you'll automatically have mastered the basic skills to use hundreds of others.
In about six weeks, he was said to have mastered enough Persian to be able to converse freely.
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In doublet or jack boots or war bonnet, in a toga, even, he might have mastered the dilemma and carried off a dubious situation.
It's an easy way to produce a rarified look that only artisans typically have mastered.
You think you have mastered it, but just as you get well underway in following, it turns a back-somersault and there you are.
Ireland seem to have mastered what it takes to beat these Southern Hemisphere sides and I think we could learn from them.
The students who impress are not necessarily the ones who have mastered their catering skill sets, but those who have those human qualities highlighted by Dave Ott.
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