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How to use hauteur in a sentence

Looking for sentences and phrases with the word hauteur? Here are some examples.

Sentence Examples
He exudes a sense of self-possession and hauteur that leads critics in the media and among his party to label him arrogant.
Cynics might suggest that the jackets were commissioned to enhance the cultivated hauteur of the members.
He grinned at her, she smiled back, the first expression besides sullen pouting and imperial hauteur he'd seen.
But she negotiates its vocal awkwardness capably, and supplies much of the character's blend of hauteur, froideur and directness.
Flo is tall, angular and stately, a fascinating mixture of formal hauteur and bohemian ditziness.
Ramirez bowed his head in reverence, seeing once more the profound mind that lurked beneath Rakael's veneer of bickering and hauteur.
Daphne lifts her chin in an overblown attempt at hauteur and heads into the closet to fetch her coat.
But they soon got used to my low-key presence and stared at me with supercilious hauteur.
Johan Kobborg played Prince Desire with the grandiloquence and hauteur he is so capable of.
The West must discard its hauteur, its double standards, its superiority complex and its cultural zeal.
Gone was the better-than-thou hauteur and proud carriage synonymous to Adrienne Clarke.
To her finer qualities must be added a quick temper and considerable hauteur, more readily apparent to the Chinese than to most foreigners.
Despite his much vaunted lack of emotional attachment to the trappings of title, the marquis has been cited as conducting his business with a distinctly aristocratic hauteur.
Adriana is no match for her hauteur and ruthlessness, and, with her solid vocalism, she is the center of attention every time that she is on stage.
Middle class people can claim neither the heroic struggles of the proletariat nor the cultural hauteur and effortless savoir faire of the aristocracy.
For all his reputation for hauteur, I would forever after remember this evidence of Vidal's graciousness and self-confidence.
With his hauteur and chequered disciplinary record, as well as his sublime talent, he dominated the emerging celebrity culture of English football.
Gathered together on wicker furniture are two women and a man, posing a bit as they react to the stormy weather conditions outside with a bit of stiff-necked hauteur.
By all reports straight and happily partnered with a female politician, Rickman nonetheless has the kind of suave, queeny hauteur any Noel Coward manque would kill for.
Oil and hauteur Brains and borders Coming apart?
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Examples from Classical Literature
She met me with a full open gaze, as devoid of allurement as it was of repellence and hauteur.
Time, the leveler, seemed to have no more effect upon the princely pile than to increase its hauteur with each passing year.
It was obviously not without reason that Sophia had complained of his hauteur.
The first movement has the martial pomp and hauteur and the Sardanapalian opulence and color that mark 294 a barbaric triumph.
The dauphine, with her usual hauteur, was mounting with her head held high.
He joyed to observe that these men of incredible millions had no hauteur.
She was gazing at the intruder with belligerence, not hauteur.
Still, in the midst of so much hauteur and confidence, the sagacity and cunning of the Teton did not desert him.
Her eyes met his in a quick surprise that was on the verge of hauteur.
She rose, with a trace of inquietude beneath her calm hauteur.
The young king, in adopting a tone of hauteur with him, did not forward his purpose.
A deeper shade of hauteur overspread his features, but he said not a word, and Elizabeth, though blaming herself for her own weakness, could not go on.
He was a large man, the perfection of whose handsome face was marred only by the hauteur of his cold eyes and the suggestion of cruelty imparted by too thin lips.
Dom Claude contented himself with replying, with tranquil hauteur.
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