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She stood up weakly, testing out her strength to find that she hardly had any left.
He hardly had the outer appearance of a man who was rotten with evil on the inside.
Since she started doing field trials with this new device, I've hardly had a chance at doing anything remotely resembling rumpy pumpy.
She had hardly had a chance to finish her drink when she was manhandled by burly bouncers and unceremoniously dumped outside the door.
The Montgomery Bus Boycott may have been important but it hardly had media appeal.
Never mind playing together, they've hardly had the chance to see each other.
The room had been so busy and bustling, she'd hardly had a moment to sit down and think about her new station.
I never damaged any ligaments, still today have my original cartilages, I never broke anything and hardly had even a stitch put in me.
Anthon moved so fast, Kiki hardly had time to react and when she did, she was pinned against her car with Anthon's hand at her throat.
In the event of the crusaders proving hostile, the Emperor hardly had the means of resistance.
Hardly had he struck the last key of the mechanical totalisator than his presence was asked for in the experimental room.
Hardly had he become Labour leader than Henry McLeish was dropping broad hints that he was going to review the government's line on Sutherland.
Hardly had his sails been furled and his mooring made fast than he was hustling his passengers ashore.
Hardly had I driven it down the road than it attracted waves and nods of affirmation from pedestrians and drivers alike.
Hardly had he indicated his desire, when a few parties approached him requesting that he hold a party convention in Kerala in late September.
Hardly had I driven the car down the road than it attracted waves and nods of affirmation from pedestrians and drivers alike.
Hardly had we secreted ourselves when we spied a flotilla of a Roman expeditionary force sailing hard upstream.
Hardly had I seated myself when my eyes beheld a child staring accusingly at me.
Dr. Victor, whose line of degrees is at least thrice as long as his name, is a researcher whose distinctions and career excellence have hardly had an impact on his humility.
Hardly had these words been uttered when a train of wagons arrived from the village and drew up outside the mess hall.
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Examples from Classical Literature
Then, after one ball, Lee hit the next one for a pop fly that Joe hardly had to step out of his box to get.
The fact was that Si and his companions hardly had a fair shake in this respect, and entered the field at a decided disadvantage.
Indeed, hardly had the latter glanced at the well-worn letter he held than he smiled.
For two nights I had hardly had a wink of sleep, and my brain was beginning to feel that numbness which marks cerebral exhaustion.
Hardly had they scrambled on to the wharf when Trevannion's ganger came up.
He has hardly had time to throw away that chance you gave him before this letter comes, and puts the ball at his foot for the second time.
After all, we've hardly had an acceptable period of clinical trial.
The gentlemen cluster round him, and shake hands with him.We have hardly had time to shake hands, Barbara,' says Kit.
Hardly had this personage given the king some explanations, when Louis xi.
But hardly had the blinding vapor cleared away, when a naked figure with a boarding-sword in its hand, was for one swift moment seen hovering over the bulwarks.
Hardly had we breakfasted, when he, the patriot, waited upon us.
Hardly had he done so, when he was surrounded by the three junior mates and the four harpooneers, who all crowded him to the deck.
Hardly had the carriage entered the grounds, when he was set upon by a sheep-dog, bright-eyed, sharp-muzzled, righteously indignant and angry.
With these words she disappeared, and hardly had she done so than a huge wild boar started out of the thicket near and made straight for the Prince.
Hardly had the flag touched the deck, when the gunboats were alongside.
Hardly had I spoken than I regretted the hastiness of my remark.
Hardly had we done so, when from the pool, about a hundred yards off, we heard the strident trumpeting of an elephant.
Hardly had the audience grasped this important fact when a long waterproof serpent was seen uncoiling itself from behind a stump.
Hardly had he passed an angle of the wood before a stout gentleman in a beaver cap came riding toward him on a handsome raven-black horse, accompanied by two hunt servants.
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