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Now with buckets and hand-held hoses to Council's regulations we are watering occasionally.
More recently, it designed a version that doctors can access with hand-held devices.
The study was conducted in Australia to estimate the crash risk in a jurisdiction where hand-held phone use is banned.
They said several detonations, probably rockets fired from hand-held launchers were also heard.
I'm happy to work smaller than that but I'm not about to try to squeeze it down to fit on a Palm hand-held.
They use detection equipment, including detector vans and hand-held scanners.
Using a hand-held electric whisk, cream together the butter and caster sugar until light and fluffy.
Froth sauce using a hand-held immersion blender and drizzle foam atop ravioli.
After our initial enthusiasm we lost interest in the paper mache go-go earrings, the bird mobile, the hand-held battery fan.
He thought of a solution to the problem of how to stabilize a hand-held movie camera in a hotel room.
Devices of all sorts, including preprogrammed hand-held organizers, have been developed to engage audience members' intellectual curiosity.
In a radical departure he used hand-held cameras that bob and weave in an attempt to capture the frenetic energy of the Beijing cityscape.
For example, the hand-held electronic calculator quickly ended the slide rule industry.
The politician was questioned by police demanding a licence for a hand-held walkie-talkie radio used by one of his bodyguards.
Carried thusly, they may be snicked off the belt clip in a heartbeat for use as a hand-held light, or instantly attached to a pistol.
We've just purchased a sniffer, which is a portable hand-held photolionisation detector.
A simple hand-held dynamic mic is useful for interview situations and recording a sound at close range.
Further, the interview seems to have been done with a hand-held camera, and the wobbliness of the picture gets distracting at times.
The club has also introduced hand-held metal detectors for knives and other weapons.
The crossbow was really the first hand-held weapon that could be used by an untrained soldier to injure or kill a knight in plate armour.
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There may have been a hand-held camera, but no large camera.
Field Cable can be adapted to all of Pen System's computer products including the Pen tablet, a hand-held computer, and the company's new wearable belt computer.
With a hand-held metal detector, Runner and Smith demonstrated how a Swiss Army pocket knife set off the detector, while two black stealth knives did not.
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