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She attempted a half-hearted smile at the baby, who immediately burst into tears.
Complaints to the ministry have only resulted in half-hearted attempts to solve the problem.
We attempted a team cheer, but the effort was half-hearted and just embarrassing.
The rebels reached the gates through the half-hearted attempts of the enemy to keep them at bay with their arrows.
A half-hearted attempt has been made to plant saplings along the road dividers.
I make a half-hearted attempt to clean my room but end up surfing the internet aimlessly.
It was a half-hearted attempt to draw level and one which referee Colin Hardie rightfully ignored.
Both of these are half-hearted attempts to solve the mother of all chicken and egg problems.
There was never a moment of practice that was half-hearted, and he poured every ounce of effort into every performance.
Recently I have made half-hearted attempts to discover what became of Norman Lodge.
The half-hearted attempt to clean up with dustpan and brush did little more than reposition them.
The Scotland striker's half-hearted effort was turned round for a corner by Wylie's legs.
After a half-hearted effort at saving my pocket money, I quickly emptied my account.
It was a strained, half-hearted laugh of a guilty prisoner, whose friend had just made a joke about the death sentence.
The next snowfall was half-hearted, the brief shower of semi-liquid slush spattering on the windowpanes and freezing when night came again.
Government efforts at facilitating reconciliation have been half-hearted at best.
It's inexplicable that any truly anti-communist conservative would offer even a half-hearted defense of the man.
The orange ball rebounded off the backboard and gave a few half-hearted bounces on the cement floor before rolling away.
He was in a bad way, so very weak, only the occasional half-hearted flap of his wings.
After giving half-hearted efforts for the NBA season so far to emphasize his point that he wanted out we finally gave him the boot.
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At the same time, what's the world for, if you're to meet it in that half-hearted way?
But it is not strange that the purposelessness of the commander should result in half-hearted work by the subordinates.
I feel sure you are glad about bursa, but your congratulations are too half-hearted.
Had he stopped there her belief would have only been half-hearted.
I had never known him handle a case in such a half-hearted fashion.
Along the ground this time the ball had come at such a pace that the fieldsman made a very half-hearted attempt to stop it.
But this being so, and you but half-hearted, I tell you, it is too dangerous a game to play for groats.
It'll hurt her, but it'll hurt her less if you do the thing brutally than if you try half-hearted ways.
At any rate, I got only a half-hearted consent from her that I might start.
I informed him that our friend Marlow had retired from the sea in a sort of half-hearted fashion some years ago.
Only a very slight and very scattering ripple of half-hearted hand-clapping greeted him.
But within a half-hour, as dancing dragged down into schtick and daring fizzled into half-hearted entanglements, the excitement leaked off.
There is nothing half-hearted about James when he has his khaki shirt on.
At first our laughter was half-hearted, tinged with fear, but as we became convinced of his impotence we waxed uproarious.
Wood's team-mates seemed convinced Gale edged shortly afterwards but his appeal was late and those of his colleagues half-hearted, perhaps presumptuously so.
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