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The 1600 ha cut rose industry in Zimbabwe was recently threatened by a bacterial disease called crown gall.
The 73-room Victorian neo-Gothic mansion, in its 15 ha of established grounds, was not enough.
This 32 ha site occurs on flat to gently rolling woodlands and agricultural land.
Corn was planted at 53,000 plants per ha in both monoculture and polyculture.
Imerys Minerals contracted the Historic Environment Service to investigate 30 ha of land where a new china clay tip is to be established.
Even some of the couthy and traditional local humour will not, ha ha, remain unaffected.
He was nice and looked quite a bit like he did in his pictures but taller ha ha.
This might give me the courage to check my bank balance later on today, ha ha.
We laugh scornfully ha ha! as we recall our pre-babies life, our carefree genderless roles.
I just wanted to let you all know because I'm certain you'd be fretting until Monday otherwise. Ha ha ha!
Ha ha ha ha ha, they look like a pair of schoolboys who have knocked off to drink cider in the park, well done lads.
The study area consists of about 130 ha of saltmarsh bordering the Wadden Sea, which is a huge area of tidal mudflats in The Netherlands.
I didn't know him from Adam, though it might have been nice to know him in the biblical sense, ha ha.
In 1984 an area of 9557 ha was designated as part of the State Forest and steps are being taken to reafforest the already deforested area.
The Lally's farm 43 ha of inside land as well as 142 ha of commonage.
Despite the significance of carabids in orchard habitats there have been few published studies of species diversity in the 27,000 ha of Canadian tree fruit orchards.
A recent 500 ha hazard reduction burn in the area did not stop the fire jumping Warragamba Dam and destroying businesses and homes in the township.
Is Paddy Clarke ha ha ha the only one of your novels that stands on its own?
In the meantime I'm going to take my tea back to bed, ha ha.
The project has so far cleared 120 hectares of scrub, 40 ha of broadleaved plantations and 40 ha of conifer plantations, and restored grazing to more than 2,000 ha.
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Examples from Classical Literature
Any ships skipper would ha guessed my address, if you tole im about the Nancy an GeV im my name.
And yif ou maist shewe me at euer any mortal man ha 840 receyued any of ESE inges to ben his in propre.
And syn we knowen wel at many a man ha sout e fruit of blisfulnesse nat only wi suffryng of dee.
Ay, said the flockmaster unctuously, when letters doesnt say anything ye ha to be sharpish to understand em.
Pooh, I ha seen better, and as you term them, evener and cleaner.
The actions also includes the plantation of 500 ha of fodder trees and the afforestation of wadis' borders over 120 ha to prevent erosion.
Whear wod that felly o' mine ha been if it hadn't been for me?
The meal includes gong hei fat choy, ha ha smile, and Budda delight.
The projects includes the construction of external tailings disposal and requires disturbance of 12,719 ha of area, diverting 22 kilometres of the Muskeg River.
Ha began his career with Hyatt in 1986 at Hyatt Regency San Francisco, followed by an assignment at Hyatt Regency Macau.
Norman SA, Localio AR, Potashnik SL, Simoes Torpey HA, Kalian MJ, Weber AL, et al.
Ha was one of those men who most confidently believe in their own merits.
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