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How to use guardian in a sentence

Looking for sentences and phrases with the word guardian? Here are some examples.

Sentence Examples
I looked around, hoping, praying to a guardian angel to help me get out of this predicament.
It took Rhea almost an hour to finally locate this long-lost friend and guardian, and she restrained herself from running into the room.
In the case of an anorexic patient, the guardian would approve resuscitation and psychiatric interventions.
Just command your higher self, guardian angel, spirit guide, animal totem or whoever to make a snap decision for you.
In single-parent families or families where both parents are at sea, the children are signed over to a guardian.
Before his hot temper could boil out wrongfully, Ryuko turned his back on the guardian and walked wordlessly off.
But now thanks to a guardian angel, he's fulfilling another one of his dreams.
He wasn't their guardian by any means, but he wasn't about to let two stupid kids make a dumb decision.
She looked as if she had seen an angel in disguise, perhaps a guardian angel.
Catherine and her guardian angel prove him wrong by resisting and dispersing the spirits.
Apparently a part of the new highway would violate the home of a taniwha, a water-dwelling spirit guardian.
When she put her feet on the highway again, she thanked her guardian angel for her preservation.
Then the court will decide who must take care of minor children unless the parents have appointed a guardian.
If so the patient may be unable to instruct a solicitor and will require a guardian ad litem in any court proceedings.
Regulations 7 and 8 spell out an adoption agency's duties in respect of a child, his parents or guardian and prospective adopter.
Orphans were placed under the protection of a guardian by means of action taken by a sanctuary.
And he's the guardian and protector of our barbecue, to make sure that everything is strictly kosher.
For centuries, despite forays into excesses and hypocrisy, the Church acted as a guardian of private and public morality.
She looked like an angel, a guardian angel sitting on this bench with me in the rain.
With an intense eye, he gazes like a spirit guardian, across the valley to the ruins of Runku Raqay, an old Inca outpost.
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Examples from Classical Literature
A guardian ad litem will have to be appointed to protect your interests, and to bring suit for you.
If you can serve him, my mother's soul will watch over you as a guardian angel.
She had seen Therese at work, and wished to give her to her son as a guardian angel.
An infinite number of guardian spirits is included in the Burman demonological system.
The Sakti goddess, Bhagavati, the Tiyans look upon as their own guardian spirit.
This important announcement ought to have startled the sangfroid of the guardian, but it did not.
He was guardian of the Ridge, and cricket, quoits, and races appealed to him in vain.
I am the guardian of industrious households, and the rewarder of generous masters and faithful servants.
After dinner I went with Mr. seidel, who is the guardian, to the great female boarding-school.
It was only necessary to call the guardian of her shrine at the high altar.
Dan's index finger failed to reach the trigger, for a guardian machine gun removed the hobbyist's head in a short efficient burst.
When the father died, the nearest male of kin, even though declared unqualified as an agnate, came in as guardian.
I not only occupy the sacred position of your guardian, but am humiliatingly aware of my supreme lack of attraction.
He is the general counsellor, the reconciler of family quarrels, the arbitrator in differences, the guardian of morals.
It is always a difficult task to exhume such buried treasure, for some preternatural guardian or other will be found on the alert.
Woman's duty to society is paramount, she is the guardian of the Race-body and Race-soul.
The weightman interests were large enough to need a direct representative and guardian at Washington.
De Launay had taken on some of the attributes of a guardian angel, a jinni who alone could guide her to the goal she sought.
He was a curious fellow, this guardian, an Alsatian immigrant, he informed me.
I've never contemplated hiring you as my guardian angel, you blatting buck sheep.
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