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Beware of perceived grievances that have everything to do with pride, envy, and honor and nothing to do with reality.
They gather in a general assembly and declare their grievances against her.
My dear Dr. Laura, it would seem that your two grievances are truly one and the same.
But airing those grievances publicly might actually encourage more attacks and make their lives harder.
Minority issues or rather minority grievances are scattered all over the state.
Nor are the unions, with their manifold grievances, going to be placated by a couple of sentences.
They have a long list of grievances, whether they're real or not, or imagined.
Lower-class women were deprived of any way of voicing their aspirations and grievances.
Such practices create real grievances, encourage mediocrity, and are bound to inflame sectarian resentment.
Despite our protestations and grumblings, most Jakartans despair in silence without ever making their grievances heard.
One of the main issues of a lot of the grievances is communications within the whole process, the timescales.
The inmates drew up a list of grievances for the new unit manager who had just been brought in to run the death row.
Meanwhile, the British government had been putting pressure on the Transvaal to deal with the ongoing grievances of the Uitlanders.
Mentioning it to members of the 1958 squad was lighting the blue touchpaper of 45-year-old grievances.
The garbage collectors had been on strike for the past six months for a variety of grievances.
Their ultimate aim is to seize Pretoria and remedy the grievances of the Uitlanders.
It emerges from the ebb and flow of collective grievances and struggles for power.
Critics of the blacklist have set up a website highlighting their grievances against the popular service.
In her complaint to the SSP, Ms Suman alleged that the despite repeated representations the local police turned a deaf ear to their grievances.
Even states without gag rules often try to restrain speech, urging complainants to keep their grievances confidential.
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Examples from Classical Literature
An adeptness at discovering grievances has lately been one of the principal recommendations to public notice and popular applause.
Until the clansmen had opened and aired the festering sores of their grievances there lay in them no hope of amenability.
If you must air your grievances, surely you may do it quietly and decorously.
Mahatma Gandhi advised his countrymen to take the Satyagraha Pledge as the only means of securing redress for their grievances.
For any grievances arising from the neighbourhood of our countrymen, we might as well be at Dortmund or Rostock.
Gardner not only gave a list of grievances, but suggested measures to reform them.
These grievances, and much more, illegibly scrawled on foreign paper, with a quill pen.
Viewed from this standpoint the Uitlander grievances were an inexhaustibly rich and payable mine.
The instability of the laws has always been one of the most serious grievances.
She sat in her dressing-gown embroidering peonies on a lambrequin and aired her grievances.
These things are trifling grievances, but, on the other hand, the Prussians have theirs also.
Could anything be clearer than the uitlander's statement of the grievances and oppressions under which they were suffering?
One can mow down a lot of cases, listen to scores of grievances in the open, under a good spreading tree.
I look upon it as one of the unaccountable fatalities of man, to be placed in the category of grievances with prickly heat.
Most of the old long-standing grievances were still on the docket.
His grievances were those of a marcher rather than those of a Welshman.
The quarrel is not yours nor mine, nor the grievances naither.
Servia and Greece were left with almost as serious grievances.
Nor should we permit our grievances to overshadow our opportunities.
Little Toomai went off without saying a word, but he told Kala Nag all his grievances while he was examining his feet.
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